15 Most Expensive Watches In The World To Add To Your Collection

Watches, especially luxury ones, can fetch astronomical prices. A classy watch worn on your wrist can command elegance to your overall appearance. Most expensive watch is a sign of wealth, prestige, and absolute royalty. Some segments of the population always recognize the dignity and interim charm of horological masterpiece even though smartphones have made the common practice of wearing wristwatches out of use. Whether a wristwatch or pocket watch, some of the most expensive watches have long been cherished as treasures among the more classic patrons. When it comes to the most expensive watch, ordinary cannot be seen anywhere in the frame. With that said, before buying a timepiece, you should determine your budget and do your best to stay truthful to it. On this expensive watches list, nevertheless, your budget may fall on the shorter side as we take a look at the expensive watches list in the world.

Whether as a practical necessity, a highly prized collectible, or as an accessory, luxury timepieces are one of the more beautiful things in life. Esteemed watchmakers who have been in the industry for more than a century including newcomers who are striving to make a name in the business provide us with some of the most excellent examples of artisanship with a unique personality that is incorporated within most of the handmade pieces.  

To show you what exceptionality and extravagance (in terms of watches) really looks like, we give you the 15 Luxurious watches in the world.

Most Expensive Watches In The World

#1 Hallucination by Graff Diamonds – $55 Million

Hallucination by Graff Diamonds - most expensive Watches in the world

When it comes to the expensive watches in the world, Hallucination by Graff Diamonds tops the list. This simple timepiece can cost an enormous dent worth $55 million in your wallet. What makes this timepiece so special and expensive? Well, the bracelet itself is composed of platinum studded with 110 carats of diamonds in a plethora of colors. It is a fine blend of shapes and colors like round, marquise, pear, emerald, and heart to go with green, pink, yellow, and blue colors.

#2 Fascination by Graff Diamonds – $40 Million

Fascination by Graff Diamonds - most expensive watch

Like the Hallucination, the Fascination by Graff Diamonds is one of the high end watches known for its luxury and elegance. Priced at a staggering $40 million, the Fascination is more of a luxurious diamond jewelry item that contains white diamonds worth 152.96 carats. To make it a little more expensive yet beautiful, the makers studded a 38.13-carat pear-shaped diamond in the center that detaches into a ring, which can be worn separately. 

#3 Breguet Marie-Antoinette Grande Complication Pocket Watch – $30 Million

Breguet Marie-Antoinette Grande Complication Pocket Watch - most expensive Watches

Crammed with uniqueness in every sense, the Breguet Marie-Antoinette Grande Pocket Watch is a symbol of love. The watch was custom-built by one of the ill-famed 18th-century French queen’s lovers. It took four decades to construct this pocket watch. As a result, the lover and the queen were long dead by the time the masterpiece was ready. The timepiece features a skeletonized dial with the gold casing, exhibiting a simply marvelous myriad of mechanisms. This is the reason it costs a whopping $30 million. This is one of the few expensive watches in the world that has its historical significance as well.   

#4 Jaeger – LeCoultre Joaillerie 101 Manchette – $26 Million

Jaeger-LeCoultre Joaillerie 101 Manchette - expensive watches list

$26 million and this stunning beauty is yours! Jaeger – LeCoultre Joaillerie 101 Manchette can be customized to feature up to 576 diamonds and a sapphire dial. This timepiece was gifted to Queen Elizabeth II as a token as she was celebrating 60 years in power. The timepiece has the appearance of a bracelet at first glance, but there is a tiny watch hidden within its glory. With that said, this watch holds the world record for containing the smallest mechanical movement.

#5 201-Carat Chopard – $25 Million

201-Carat Chopard - expensive Watches in the world

People having a thing for diamonds can think of going all-in for this magnificent watch with about 874 diamonds, adding up to 201 carats. The watch looks absolutely stunning with numerous glitzy colorful diamonds embellishing its surface. What gives this watch a unique look is an 11-carat white diamond, a 15-carat pink diamond, and a 12-carat blue diamond adorned on the sides of the dial. It is truly a superb work of art.  

#6 Patek Philippe Henry Graves Super Complication – $24 Million

Patek Philippe Henry Graves Super Complication - high end watches

No list of the most expensive watches in the world is complete without the name Patek Philippe. Patek Philippe is known for manufacturing some of the best watches in the world. The iconic luxury brand enters our list on the sixth position with Henry Graves Supercomplication. As classy as it is expensive, the stunning timepiece features no less than 24 complications including a celestial chart, a minute repeater with Westminster Chimes, and a perpetual calendar.  

#7 Jacob & Co. Billionaire Watch – $18 Million

Jacob & Co. Billionaire Watch - best watches in the world

What has this watch dripping with luxury is the diamond-covered body worth 260 carats. The diamonds embedded into this watch have the classic emerald cut. Moreover, apart from the diamonds, the Billionaire incorporates 19 jewels and 167 other components, making it one of the most luxuriously expensive watches available. The skeleton face is what makes this timepiece stand out from other luxury watches. Overall, the Billionaire watch certainly lives up to the name.

#8 Rolex Daytona Paul Newman Edition – $17.8 Million

Rolex Daytona Paul Newman Edition - most expensive watch

This is a rare luxury watch, which was previously owned by actor Paul Newman. His Fascination for motorsport and horology is well-established, and considering his passion, his wife gifted the Rolex Daytona as a tribute. This is one of the most expensive Rolex watches and is known for its unique black and cream exotic dial. The watch was put on auction and was bought by an anonymous buyer over the phone at a whopping $17.8 million. 

#9 Patek Philippe Reference 1518 in Stainless Steel – $11.1 Million

Patek Philippe Reference 1518 in Stainless Steel

This is one of the most expensive mechanical watches on this list pegging a staggering $11 million. What’s unique about this watch is the fact that Patek Philippe Reference 1518 is first in a limited edition series, and by a limited edition, we mean there are only four pieces in total. This timepiece simply oozes with precision and majesty. Between that and the timepiece’s horde of wonderful features, including a magnificent moon phase aperture, 1518 is cased in high-grade stainless steel.  

#10 Vacheron Constantin 57260 – $8 million           

Vacheron Constantin 57260

Not only this timepiece is expensive, but also it claims to be the most complicated pocket watch in the world. Named for its 57 complications and the company’s 260th anniversary, Vacheron Constantin 57260 is crafted in 18-carat white gold and comprise of more than 2800 tiny mechanical components. The two most enthralling features of Vacheron Constantin 57260 are an unusual split-seconds chronograph and a Hebraic perpetual calendar.  

#11 Patek Philippe Reference 1527 – $5.7 Million

Patek Philippe Reference 1527

While it looks like your ordinary wristwatch on the outside, Patek Philippe Reference 1527 is composed of 20-carat rose gold containing more than 20 different precious stones. What makes this watch expensive is that it is incredibly rare and the company used this model as an inspiration for crafting several other Patek Philippe timepiece models. It was crafted in 1943 and was commissioned by an anonymous buyer for a whopping $5.7 million.

#12 Patek Philippe Calibre 89 – $5.5 Million 

Patek Philippe Calibre 89

After going through the first eleven models in this list, you may now have realized that Patek Philippe is a company known for expensively luxurious watches. Adding to their portfolio is the Calibre 89 pocket watch that costs $5.5 million. It is timelessly sophisticated and contains 1,728 components, including 24 hands and 33 complications. 

#13 Hublot Big Bang Diamond – $5 Million

Hublot Big Bang Diamond

Hublot Big Bang Diamond is encrusted with 1280 diamonds, including six emerald-cut diamonds and 100 carats of baguette diamonds weighing more than 3 carats each. The timepiece bursts with visual distinction and is simply astounding in its uniform aesthetic. If you have $5 million to spare, you can have this beautiful diamond watch.  

#14 Breguet & Fils Paris 2667 Precision 4 – $4.68 Million

Breguet & Fils Paris 2667 Precision 4

If you want to own a timepiece that is dipped in history, you can spend almost $5 million for that. The Breguet &Fils Paris 2667 Precision 4 is one of the most expensive yet high-end timepieces that was sold for a mere 5000 francs back in 1814. But in 2012, it was purchased for a whopping $4.68 million. It is one of the few luxury pocket watches that has two oscillating bodies and is encased in eye-catching 18-carat yellow gold. 

#15 Louis MoinetMeteoris – $4.6 Million

Louis Moinet Meteoris

The last in our list of the most expensive and best watches in the world is a unique Louis Moinet creation. Louis MoinetMeteoris boasts an interesting design. Moinet is known for the invention of the chronograph, and he designed the set with four distinct tourbillion watches.

Final Words

The mentioned are some of the most expensive watches in the world. We hope that you enjoyed our list. If you can think of or find watches that are expensive than the watches mentioned or comes under the same price tag, don’t forget to mention them in the comments.

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