15 Most Expensive Shoes In The World Will Inspire You To Make More Money

Most Expensive Shoes In The World

Most Expensive Shoes In The World: There was a time when shoes were worn to protect the feet from dust, pebbles, and water. Now they have become a fashion accessory and can cost you more than a million dollars. Yes, you read the right. The most expensive shoes is priced at around 8.5 million dollars or 17 million dollars for a pair.

A few hundreds or thousands of dollars were still manageable since those shoes ensure maximum comfort. But over a million dollars for a pair of shoes, isn’t that too much even for celebrities and uber-rich people?

The most expensive shoes are pricey because they are made of pure gold and are studded with diamonds and precious stones. These shoes are crafted using the best quality of leather and satin. What is surprising is that the most expensive shoes ever in the list is only three are for men.

We have created a list of the fifteen most expensive shoes of 2019 below. If you feel you are too poor to afford even one of these pair, you are not alone. The fun fact is some of them are not even made to wear. They merely add value to their owners.


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