Beauty – An Ideal Or Unconditioned Substance

Beauty – An Ideal Or Unconditioned Substance

Beauty surrounds us everywhere, inside and out. It can be found in nature. Is it a beautiful water feature or a delicate flower, beauty lies all around. Beauty surrounds us in all things we touch, see and experience. How to Look Sun-Kissed All Year Round starts with our own beauty.

Beauty is perception. We tend to perceive things in our world as being pleasing to the eye. Beauty can be subjective or objective. Beauty therefore is a subjective concept and beauty is subjective. Beauty therefore cannot be measured.

Beauty however can be measured by scientific methods such as radiography and optical imaging to demonstrate changes in biological structures over time. The word ‘beauty’ is from Greek words meaning ‘skill’, ‘quality’ and ‘personality’. Beauty has been used throughout history to describe attribute or quality which is considered pleasant by others. Beauty is one of the most significant attributes of human beings; it impacts our daily lives from deciding to work in a certain field, to the way we dress, our choice of clothing, our attitude to relationships and so on.

Beauty is a quality of the soul or personality. It therefore varies from person to person – we may like someone with auburn hair for example, but that person may not be considered beautiful by many. Beauty however is not about external appearance. Beauty has to do with internal values – what kinds of thoughts, feelings and motivations drive our personalities. Beauty therefore is a complex emotional state, which can be difficult to define.

Beauty surrounds us in the natural world. The sun is the source of life on earth, the source of light and heat. The sun gives off radiation in the visible spectrum – the other five types of electromagnetic radiation are all part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Every living thing – animal or plant – is made up of the molecules that make up the atoms of matter. Beauty therefore is nothing but the sum total of the value of each of these different types of radiation in its energy spectrum.

Beauty reflects in different ways on different people. A highly polished and modern urban woman may have a different approach to beauty than a modest and traditional peasant girl. Beauty surrounds us but the key to having true beauty lies within ourselves. It’s our inner beauty that determines our outer beauty. From this perspective it makes perfect sense to wear a simple piece of jewelry to hide the marks of daily labor and the sun to cultivate your inner beauty – and after all what’s the worse for that?

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