Different Types of Residential Buildings

Residential buildings come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, in order to accommodate the varying requirements and preferences of individuals and families. Residential buildings ranging from single-family houses to multi-unit complexes serve an important role in providing shelter and creating communities. Let’s take a look at some of the different types of residential buildings.

Single-Family Homes:

Single-family homes are standalone buildings, which is designed to accommodate a single family. Their size and design can range from modest cottages to huge mansions. Single-family houses usually have their own private yards, which provide homeowners with a sense of privacy and ownership. They are popular with families that value independence and like to have their own space.

Duplex and Triplex Homes:

Duplex and triplex homes are multi-unit residential buildings featuring two or three different units inside the same structure. Each apartment usually has its own separate door, living area, and utilities. Duplex homes have two units, whereas triplex homes have three units. These types of home structures are frequently utilized for rental homes or by multi-generational families that desire to live near one another.


Townhouses are attached, multi-level homes that share walls with neighboring units, to form a row of houses. They are typically designed in the same style and layout, creating a cohesive look for the entire row of townhouses. These types of houses are more popular in urban areas where space is limited, as they allow for efficient land use and provide a sense of community.

Flats or Apartments:

Apartments or flats are multi-unit residential buildings that consist of multiple houses of the same type on different floors. They are accessed through a common lobby or entrance. Most people rented apartments or flats than owned ones because of their high prices. With the help of the S&P Courtyard, you can be able to afford one for yourself because of the affordable price ranges they offer. They are having flats in Mogappair with superior design and excellent construction quality, which allows you to live a comfortable life with all modern amenities.


Condos are similar to apartment-type houses, but in that, they consist of multiple units within a single building. Unlike apartments, condos are owned rather than rented. Condo owners typically have ownership of their individual units and shared ownership of several common areas such as hallways, elevators, and amenities like fitness centers and swimming pools. This type of home is popular among people who want the convenience of living in a shared building with amenities but also want the benefits of owning a property.


Residential buildings are available in a variety of styles and types, in order to meet the different needs and preferences of individuals and families. From the above, you can get a piece of detailed knowledge about the different types of residential buildings available in the market. Before making a decision of buying one for yourself, make sure to do more research about the types and choose the one that fits your needs and budget.

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