Disabling Avast Antivirus Temporarily In Windows 10 Is Easy What Are The Steps

Avast ranks with the prevalent antivirus software capable of protecting the PC from bad and intimidating viruses. This antivirus software can protect the user’s browser, software, files, etc. However, there are times when users have no option but to disable this antivirus temporarily or permanently. A real-time antivirus guard is extremely vital for the security of a computer. As a result, disabling the antivirus entirely can be risky. The good news is that the Avast antivirus software offers a way out. People can disable specific Avast shields. In this way, they are sure that the rest of the protection stays intact. They can disable specific shields for the duration they need to.

Nevertheless, it is essential that they know precisely which shield to disable to finish their task.

Disabling this antivirus temporarily is very easy. Below we discuss how to Disable Avast antivirus temporarily on windows 10.

Disabling Avast Antivirus Temporarily On Windows 10

Users must double click the Avast icon in the taskbar to open the program. With the program window open, they must click on ‘Menu,’ ‘Settings,’ ‘Protection,’ and ‘Core Shields,’ respectively.

They should scroll downwards to ‘Configure shield settings’ and click and uncheck ‘Enable File Shield’ in the ‘File Shield’ tab.

A pop-up screen will appear showing the options to disable Avast antivirus temporarily. The options are for 10 minutes, an hour, till the next restart, and indefinitely. Users can click on the option that they wish to.

Users who wish to disable Behavior Shield should click and uncheck ‘Enable Behavior Shield’ in the ‘Behavior Shield’ tab. A pop-up screen will appear showing the four options. They can choose one that suits them. Users can disable Mail Shield’ and ‘Web Shield’ in the same way. That is it! Users are done with disabling Avast Shields of their choice.

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