Do You Want To See Your Child Eating Vegetables Instead Of Chocolate

You can’t imagine a child without having a bar of chocolate in the school days. Every child is a chocolate lover. But as responsible parents, you have to protect your child from chocolates and candies, which can harm your child’s health. A child needs a balanced diet from an early age. Food gives energy to your child to stay healthy and fit. But junk foods bring many diseases to your child. Children in their growing ages need proper nutrias food on a daily.

Why You Need A Balanced Diet For Your Child

‘An Apple A day keeps the Doctor away’ from this line; we can understand the value of eating fruits and vegetables. A proper nutrias food adds more value to your child’s health than a portion of junk food. Children need the energy to concentrate on their studies and extracurricular activities. But it is very tough for a mother to feed healthy food to her child. For this problem, mothers are trying some innovative healthy recipe for their children.

Some kid friendly recipe is 1. Baked Carrot with Mozzarella Cheese- In this recipe, you can bake carrots in a preheated microwave with some olive oil and grated cheese. Carrot is an excellent source of vitamin a and olive oil is a good source of vitamin e, and cheese can fulfill the calcium requirement of the body. 2. Homemade Chocolate Pudding- In this recipe, you can mix liquid chocolate with the pudding batter to give it a chocolaty flavor. 3. Banana Cup Cake – You can add a ripe banana with the cake batter to make it healthy because banana is an excellent source of iron, zinc, calcium and antioxidants. 4- Homemade Tomato Soup- Tomato is an excellent source of vitamin a and c, which are very important for your child’s health. You can prepare creamy tomato soup with some fresh cream. 5- Mixed Rice- You can make mixed rice with some eggs, chicken, carrots, corn, peas and cashew nuts. This recipe can help you to feed rice to your children in a different way.

These recipes can help your child to get proper nutrition from food.

Why Friendly Recipe Kids Are Helpful To Your Children

After eating so many exciting recipes, your child will also want to cook some kid-friendly recipe with the help of social networking. This habit can help your child to concentrate on work. Your child can understand the value of time and the value of wastage of food.

Healthy food helps you to save money and improve your child’s digestive system. Protein, vitamin and mineral-rich foods can help you to boost your immunity power.

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