Fooding Magazine and Fooding Trends

Fooding is an internationally acclaimed event that mixes art, culture, celebrity and food all under one roof. It crowns the ‘queen of festivals’ every year with a grand opening weekend. More than that, the ‘Frog Party’ is another exciting offering that attracts a wide range of international guests from near and far. Every March or April, Le Fooding Paris invites a guest from far and wide to its red-carpeted, elegant and luxurious premises to taste the best of French cuisine. The week-long Fooding festival serves up to 40 exclusive restaurants and eateries from all across the globe, along with a treasure trove of world-class wine and cocktail from some of the most famous chateaux in the world.

This is definitely not an event without a sense of fun; that is why, from the off-ceiling galleries, a live band performs, to the cutting-edge Lounge Bars, to the tasty snacks, the Fooding experience is guaranteed to be a feast for the senses. The week-long Fooding festival also boasts a special edition of the ‘Red Carpet Shopping’, where famous French chefs bring their finest creations to be served on the dining halls at the Fooding venue. It is a gala affair that sees famous chefs bring their best dishes to be showcased before an exclusive crowd. After watching in awe, the lucky participants get the opportunity to take home their favourite dishes at a sumptuous price!

The highlight of the week is the ‘Coffeeschool Seminar on Fashion and Business’. Expert chefs and other eminent personalities attend the seminar to share their latest findings on food, fashion and business. It is a one-of-a-kind forum that piques the interest of budding cooks and leads them to hone their culinary skills further. For a change, the seminar also features the exciting ‘Chicks from Paris’ programme that challenges participants to prepare recipes from the very best ingredients available from the capital.

The ‘Le Cordon Bleu International Edition’ follows the footsteps of the prestigious School of the Americas. Considered the pre-eminent culinary school in the United States, this Fooding event brings in the famous names of American cuisine to the fore. The feasts served at the Fooding festival are famed across the world and a gala affair for foodies of all ages. An entire menu is prepared by the best gourmet chefs of the world, with special attention paid to flavor and presentation.

The ‘Dans Son Fooding Special’ is an intriguing addition to the Fooding festival. Inspired by the cuisine of Vietnam, the unique, five-course dinner challenges its guests to come up with the best Vietnamese dishes ever. The chefs serve their delicacies in a clay steamer that simmers on the heat. The exquisite clay plate used in the process creates a unique experience. Each course is accompanied by the signature cocktail and wine that complete the experience.

Fooding has been successful in nurturing and developing innovative food concepts. Fooding Annual, Fooding Day and Fooding Ideas are among the most popular events of Fooding Magazine’s distinguished 25-year history. Fooding Magazine is now focusing on offering its readers information on exciting new products and innovations that help food startups succeed. Fooding Magazine’s leadership and influence on the food industry continues to prove a solid link between cutting-edge food technology and leading food media outlets. Fooding Magazine’s future remains strong as it continues to inspire culinary innovators and entrepreneurs.

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