How Can A Company Deploy Live Streaming To Promote Its Ecommerce Business

The ecommerce business is thriving. In the year 2017, international ecommerce sales were some $2.3 trillion. Despite being a lucrative sector, there’s immense competition in this business. The relief is the several ways for promoting ecommerce business for more exposure. Live streaming is one such way. A natural question here is the reason for so much popularity of live streaming. The reason is that videos can deliver information like no different form of media. Moreover, live videos offer audiences a chance to interact with the video that is streaming. The result is that the audiences have a good feeling of being more involved.

Below, we discuss some ways that companies can deploy live streaming to promote their ecommerce business.

Introduction Of New Products

Companies can resort to live streaming to launch and present new products. Several brands have started using this tactic to initiate their products. Did you know that companies can use YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram for the purpose? has more information on this.

A bonus of live streaming is that it lends a message a more personal touch. It increases the chance of a company’s audience to remember its product and brand.

Creation Of How-To Videos

An excellent way of promoting an ecommerce company with live streaming is by creating how-to videos. Live how-to videos outshine for content marketing,

With live videos, a company can immediately address all queries that people could have and resolve them immediately. Moreover, videos remain online even following live streaming. Thus, viewers can watch the videos afterward together with the answers to a few questions.

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Demonstration Of Products

A fantastic way of promoting an ecommerce business is by demonstrating products with live videos. Companies should always do this to make their audience more acquainted with their product.

Demonstrating products in a live video is likely to make the audience more engaged and thrilled. Moreover, viewers are free to put in their queries and learn about the products easily.

Arranging Q&A Sessions

A bonus of Q&A sessions is that consumers get the chance to interact straight with a brand. It lends a brand a more human touch. Moreover, this is established as amongst the simplest ways of answering questions.

A bonus of Q&A sessions is that companies need not spend much time on them. It’s much faster than answering emails that have questions, as stated on

Leveraging Influencer Marketing

A company can pool the authority of live videos with influencer marketing to advocate their ecommerce business. What must companies do for this? They can join forces with influencers with steadfast fan-following online. A study done by Google attests to the significant impact that influences can have. The study revealed that 70% of teenagers who watch YouTube are more affected by influencers than celebrities.