How to Rent Ski and Snowboard Equipment at Konjiam Ski Resort

Situated close to Seoul, South Korea, Konjiam Ski Resort is a winter paradise for anyone looking to enjoy the exhilaration of snowboarding and skiing. The resort provides a range of services, such as ski and snowboard rentals, ski apparel rentals, and ski instruction, regardless of experience level. To simplify your winter vacation, we’ll explain how to rent ski and snowboard equipment at Konjiam Ski Resort.

Reservation Process

It’s a good idea to reserve your ski and snowboard equipment before you even get to Konjiam Ski Resort’s pristine slopes. The official 곤지암렌탈샵 website is the place to accomplish this online. To ensure your selected equipment is accessible upon arrival, the online reservation system lets you choose in advance.

On-Site Rental Shops

Konjiam Ski Resort has many rental stores dotted throughout the property, so it’s easy for guests to pick up the essential equipment. Look for signage at the resort that will point you in the direction of the closest rental store. The stores usually include a large range of skis, snowboards, and other equipment for all ability levels.

Selecting Appropriate Equipment

When you arrive at the rental store, the staff will welcome you with a smile and help you choose the right ski or snowboard equipment. They will take into account your height, weight, skiing or snowboarding experience level, and fit the gear to you.

Rental Packages

To meet a variety of demands, Konjiam Ski Resort has a number of rental options. Frequently, these kits come with the following:

  • Basic Package: Equipment for skis or snowboards is included in this package. For those who possess their own clothes and accessories, it’s perfect.
  • Standard Package: This bundle not only contains equipment but also clothes to keep you warm and cozy on the slopes, such trousers and jackets.
  • Premium Package: With its luxurious apparel and top-notch gear, the premium package guarantees you’ll have the greatest experience imaginable.

Fitting and Adjustments

After you’ve decided on your rental package and equipment, the staff will help you fit and adjust the equipment. Fitting equipment correctly is essential for both safety and best results. They’ll make sure the bindings are tight, the boots are comfy, and any additional alterations are done the way you want them.

Deposit and Payment

Payment for your rental will be required after the fitting and any necessary changes. The cost of the rental varies based on the package you choose and the length of the rental. Furthermore, the majority of rental stores demand a deposit, which is reimbursed when the equipment is returned in acceptable shape.

Equipment Return

It’s time to return the equipment after your skiing or snowboarding excursion comes to an end. Just return to the rental store where you first obtained your equipment. The employees will examine the equipment to check for wear and tear or defects. You will get your money refunded as long as the device is in excellent working order. By taking this action, you can make sure the equipment is in top shape for the enjoyment of future guests.


It’s an exciting experience to visit Konjiam Ski Resort, and renting ski and snowboard equipment couldn’t be easier. Konjiam’s first-rate amenities and equipment will make your winter experience exceptional, regardless of your level of experience level. Have fun and create lifelong memories during your time on the slopes!

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