How to teach a Cane Corso to behave?

If you have brought a Cane Corso puppy home, you should be aware that in order to live with a well-behaved dog, you will need to devote a lot of time and energy to training. Given the reputation of Cane Corsos as autonomous dogs, early training is crucial. There is a fine line between breeding these dogs to be calm-tempered and aggressive, since they may be highly territorial. Finding a reliable and trustworthy breeder who can assure you that the puppy has gone through fundamental socialization courses is therefore one of the most crucial things to do.

How do I train my Cane Corso?

The initial socialization lessons should be given to every puppy while it is still in the kennel. It involves interacting with the mother and the other pups in the litter. This is necessary since separating a puppy from its mother during the transitioning period might lead to frightened behavior later on. These canines often experience anxiety and have a fear of other dogs.

Because of this, the optimal age to get a Cane Corso puppy from a breeder is about 8 weeks old. The next step after welcoming a new family member into your house is to introduce them to your other family members and children. Teaching a Cane Corso some skills is just one part of training him. It involves encouraging and instructing a dog to accept guests, both canine and human. These training may often be conducted starting at the sixth week of age since this breed is noted for being territorial.

Who in the family is the Pack Leader?

You must set boundaries that make it clear to your dog who the pack leader is if you want to stop your Cane Corso from engaging in any undesirable behavior. Because dogs are pack animals and need a leader, those responsibilities must be established right away. If you have a big family, decide what you want to teach your dog in advance to avoid conflicting instructions. Otherwise, while learning tricks and orders, a dog could get confused and behave uncooperative.

Use reiterative language

It is advised against using force to correct a Cane Corso instead of solely using praise. Typically, it involves giving out toys, snacks, and encouraging remarks. When teaching discipline, your voice’s timbre and loudness are equally important. In other words, while teaching him what’s prohibited, you should use a short, cutting voice. A Cane Corso puppy will strive to determine his position in the family when it first enters your house. If you don’t correct it, it can attempt to be aggressive in addition to displaying dominant behavior. Possessive behavior toward his food, toys, and other possessions is another possibility.

Training a Cane Corso in crates

My advice is to start crate training sessions at a young age, even if it is heartwarming to watch a puppy sleeping in your bed. Every dog needs their own bed to relax and sleep in. Along with this, it’s advised to arrange his bed lower than your sofa or bed so he won’t feel superior to you. He’ll be reminded of the fact that you are his commander if you do that.

I suggest calling your Cane Corso puppy to his kennel or bed by giving him a reward and using encouraging words to get him there. He will associate his sleeping location positively in this way. It’s not a good idea to have a dog spend a lot of time in the crate since Cane Corsos are members of the Molossus breed, which is known for its strong family bonds. In other words, prolonged confinement to a box may cause dog separation anxiety.

Potty Training for Cane Corso

Every dog should be permitted to go outside in the morning, after it feeds, after playing, and before going to bed, according to the teachings on potty training. You’ll establish the timetable and establish consistency in this method. When your dog goes pee, use a loving and encouraging tone and give him goodies as a reward. To help your dog be drawn to the aroma in the first several weeks, you should also utilize “an outside restroom spot.”


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