Medicare Accreditation For Home Health Care Know Who Is Your Provider

Medicare Accreditation for Home Health Care is a process used to assure providers that they are following standards and that they are properly qualified for Medicare. It is used by all states, not just Medicare. In order for your home health care provider to be accredited by Medicare, the following steps must be followed: The practitioner must receive an approved Medicare provider recognition card. This card is issued by Medicare’s Quality Management Teams to prove that the provider has been approved by Medicare to provide home health care in the region where the patient will be seen.

He or she must also be licensed with Medicare to perform this service. The applicant can go online and request an application. The Medicare website will have the application filled out for the applicant and will be mailed to them for submission. The next step is for the practitioner or the home health aide to sit with the applicant to discuss what services will be offered. They will review the application and sign it.

Once the paperwork is completed, it goes back to the doctor’s office for submission to Medicare. The application will go back to Medicare for approval. Then, the provider can begin providing home health care. Medicare will pay for the service provided if it is determined that the home health care provider is properly trained and is offering quality services according to the guidelines outlined by Medicare. These guidelines pertain to the standards of the services, the qualifications of the home health care practitioners and the home health aides and all other aspects of home health care.

Medicare Accreditation for Home Health Care is important for the health care provider, a home health care provider and all other professionals who will come in contact with the patient. If one or more of these persons does not meet the required standards, Medicare could reject the application. This could result in a provider having to start from scratch or even closing his or her practice. It is also a great safety measure for the patients because they know that the service will be provided according to the highest standards.

There are several websites on the Internet that provide information on which accredited home care providers are in your local area. Some will even give you a list of those who are accredited. If you are interested in finding a good provider near you, your first stop should probably be a search engine. Type in “home care” along with your zip code and/or city and see what comes up. You should be able to choose from the list and contact at least two or three of them.

Medicare Accreditation for Home Health Care ensures that your care providers are highly-qualified and skilled. It also gives you peace of mind that you are getting the best care possible. Just make sure that you are dealing with an honest and reputable provider before letting him or her take over your home. Medicare’s website can help you do just that.

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