What Are The Steps Of Land Subdivision That You Must Know About

A land division is a way in which the developers create their new allotments. When the landowner or developer creates new allotments, they raise the value of the landholding by using the developmental potential of the property. It is often termed as the subdivision, which means cutting an allotment in two. You can go ahead and create a new allotment by going for a land division and then selling the allotment without the need to build. The process is not that risky, time-consuming, or profitable.

Carry Out Due Diligence

The first step is all about undertaking due diligence before even buying a property for the purpose of development. The property gets affected by the procedure of gathering all the required information. The information is mostly kept in the Council searches that the agents get while selling properties. Being in the land subdivision business, you have a number of steps to take after this step.

Appointing Your Team

One of the biggest mistakes that people end up making while developing the land is that they attempt to do all by themselves for saving money. It often results in crucial changes that can turn out to be quite costly. It also leads to a loss of time that ends up in a loss of developmental profit and increased interest costs. In order to avoid the issue, it is crucial that right from the start of the project, you recognize the professionals you require for helping you in developing the land.

Pre-Lodgment Of The Council

After you have put together the development proposal with the surveyor, building designer, and/or architect, you must go to the local Council with the basic plans and go for a pre-lodgment meeting. It is also a great idea to bring an urban planner to this meeting.

Refining The Development Proposal

As you have recognized any of the potential issues with the proposal, you need to go ahead and meet the professional team once more. You should instruct them on what has to be done, and the changes, if any at all, need to get done. These changes will get made by the team. It is the time for lodging your development application. The time needed for approving a development application changes significantly between different councils and different states. It is an important thing to remember in the land subdivision business.

You need to track the processing of your application after this application gets lodged. You need to remain in touch with the council planner and call this planner frequently, asking if any more information is needed. Subdivisions are one of the finest ways to go ahead and make some profits.

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