What are the Things to Avoid After Getting a New Tattoo

Tattoos are a type of art and give more power to yourselves to boost your self-confidence. Tattoos represent their life struggles, obstacles, victories, and even certain failures. Each tattoo has its own meaning, and it marks significant aspects of their lives. In the olden days, sailors and travelers put themselves Unique Sparrow Tattoos to demonstrate their sailing skills. Even though the sparrow is a small bird, it represents your hard work, intelligence and signifies freedom and liberty.

Things to Avoid After Getting a Tattoo:

Taking care of the fresh tattoo is not so hard. All you have to do is follow the instructions given by your tattoo artist for a certain period of time. A normal tattoo will take at least 3 to 4 weeks to fully heal. The following are some things you need to avoid when you have a fresh tattoo.

Overexposure to Water:

You can get your tattoo wet during the aftercare process, but make sure you don’t soak your tattoo in the running water until your tattoo heals fully. Water enters the tattoo wound and causes infections in the tattooed area which interferes with the healing process. Avoid swimming for a few weeks when you have a fresh tattoo. Swimming pools contain chlorinated water, and it is not suitable for tattoo wounds and results in serious consequences.

Direct Exposure to Sunlight:

Letting your fresh tattoo in the direct sunlight can cause severe problems to your skin. Your tattoo will become bleached, fading and it could blister the area. You can apply a small amount of sunscreen to your tattoo before going out into the sun. The sunscreen prevents premature fading and lasts longer.

Using Medicated Ointments:

Using medicated ointments like bacitracin and Neosporin could cause the body to reject it or heal too quickly. It creates an allergic reaction which results in giving a significant rash or series of tiny red dots. Some medicated ointments are having an adverse effect on tattoos. Neosporin is a petroleum-based gel, and it is not easy to remove from the skin. It needs extra scrubbing to remove, and it leads to severe irritation. Also, it affects the tattoo by fading the ink by excessive washing that drops color from the tattooed area.


This recommendation depends on the placement of your tattoo. When you have a tattoo in the area where you would normally shave, like under your arms, legs, face, or neck, avoid shaving until your tattoo is fully healed. Running a shaving razor over your fresh tattoo is not a good idea. It could strip off the healing scabs before they are ready to come off.

Wearing Tight Clothes:

It is important to allow your tattoo to breathe freely. Wearing a tight cloth can stick to your skin and affects the airflow which can promote sweating, chafing, and rubbing. Remember to wear loose, flowy clothes to cover your tattoo for the first few weeks when you got your new tattoo.


Follow the above steps to increase the opportunities for your tattoo to heal quickly. If you can manage to follow the above-mentioned steps, you are guaranteed to have a long-lasting, healthy tattoo for your entire life.

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