What Are The Top Three Fascinating Facts About The Famous KBC Game Show

What Are The Top Three Fascinating Facts About The Famous KBC Game Show

KBC or Kaun Banega Crorepati has been one of the most popular game shows across the global platform. People have loved this show with all their hearts. This show has been running for 11 seasons and has helped several people fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

Many people who haven’t been able to attend the show got rewards from the kbc lottery. The show has always maintained a strict level of competition among the contestants to motivate them to win the show.

Every season has seen many weeping hearts, and struggling people win millions to build a future for them. No doubt that the show has been ruling the hearts of millions of viewers across the global platform since 2000. Here are the top three fantastic facts about the show that you might not yet know:

The Prize Money Is Less

Although a separate amount is always being shown on the show, the winning contestant takes a little lesser than the actual stated amount. That is because; you need to pay around more than thirty percent as tax as you win the money out of a game show. That means that even if a person manages to win one crore money, he won’t be taking the entire amount back at home.

As per the government laws, one needs to pay the due taxes on the kbc lottery money or the one they win on the show. Although this might not be an exciting fact, it is the truth that every person needs to know about the show.

The Computer Is A Tech Guy

You have been seeing the famous host; Mr. Amitabh Bachchan has been asking the computer to show questions and answers from time to time. But did you know who operates and handles all these questions?

There is a tech guy who sits right below the host’s floor with his laptop and assigns the questions to the contestants. He is also the one responsible for determining the level of challenges for the contestant, depending on his ability.

Layers Before Fastest Fingers First

You have always seen a separate panel of contestants that sit for the “fastest fingers first” to get selected for the hot seat. But getting into this primary level is itself quite tricky and complicated for many people. You need to appear for three elimination rounds before you could reach this level to qualify for the final seat in the show.

These are the top three facts about the famous KBC show that seen been to be loved by all. Tell us, what do you like about this show? If given a chance, do you want to try out your luck at the lottery or appear on the game show itself? Post comments below to let us know more about your opinions about these facts!

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