What are the Types of Ducts

A duct is a channel that carries cooled air from the air conditioning unit and passes all through your home in order to remove warm or stale air. They can also be used for heating and filtering systems. Ducts are also one of the important parts of the HVAC systems which serve a major function in removing polluted air and making your lives comfortable in all weather conditions.

Air ducts are responsible for the distribution of hot or cold air throughout the entire area of your home. there are different duct systems are available that people can use either in a home or any commercial building.

Types of Duct Systems:

The following are the different types of dust systems available for the ventilation process on the HVAC units.

Flexible Ductwork:

Flexible ducts are tube-shaped and it is made of wire coil, which is covered with a durable and bendable plastic surrounded by insulation material. This type of ducting is complicated and tricky because it uses rigid ducts to attach the non-flexible ductwork to the air supply outlet.

These flexible ductworks need to be secured and supported correctly in order to eliminate the sagging and shaking. The main advantage of using this type of duct includes easy and quick installation and less cost than any other type.

Rigid Ductwork:

Rigid duct systems come in different types of materials and can be either cylindrical or rectangular in shape. This type of ductwork is more popular than other types because they are hard, endure, and more reliable. Rigid duct systems are divided into three common types.

Sheet Metal Ducts:

The most common material used in creating sheet metal ducts is galvanized steel and aluminum. Aluminum material is relatively light in weight and easy to install. They are also having the least chance to harbor dangerous mold and growth because they have non-porous surfaces.

Fiberglass-Lined Ducts:

These are also the same as sheet metal ducts, but they have internal fiberglass lining. This duct system is common in commercial buildings because it helps to dampen the unit sound. There are several insulation machine for sale available in the market nowadays to cut the fiberglass HVAC ducts and it provides the best quality products. Fiberglass-lined ducts are more challenging to clean as they can damage the lining and release the fibers.

Fiberboard Ducts:

These are composed of fiberglass strands that are compressed and bonded with a resin and covered with a foil laminate sheet for protecting moisture. Because of the good insulation, these are mostly used in both heating and cooling systems. Also, fiberglass ducts have rough surfaces that can easily affect airflow and efficiency.

Semi-Rigid Ducts:

An excellent quality semi-rigid duct helps in the ventilation system are having high crushability levels. Some ducts offer the installer versatility by switching between the oval and round ducting without any loss in the hydraulic pressure or the performance of the system. These duct systems are easy to clean because they are having anti-static and anti-bacterial linings.


Ducts are an important component in the HVAC unit, and they should be correctly sized. Always have regular maintenance on the ducts that have proper sealing, in order to maximize the airflow and prevent the outside air from entering the inside.

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