What Types of Audio and Video Equipment Can You Rent For Your Wedding

The wedding ceremony is going to need good audio recording. It’s where all the “oohs” and “aahs” come from when guests watch the bride walk down the aisle or clink their glasses during toasts.

You’ll need a wireless microphone and receiver to mic up the officiant (and anyone else who needs to speak) during the ceremony. A lavalier mic will work best because it’s discreet.


Linens are an important element of wedding decor, completing the look of your ceremony and reception. They are also an affordable way to tie the color scheme of your event together. Rental companies offer a wide range of colors and designs, so you can find tablecloths, napkins, runner overlays, drapes, and chair sashes that will complement your wedding theme.

Most weddings feature musicians and readers, and micing them is easy with an all-in-one portable audio recorder like a Zoom H1 or Tascam DR-40X. Just be sure to use windscreens like the Rycote Windjammer to minimize wind noise on exposed microphones.

Your guests want to hear you exchange your vows, chuckle at the best man’s jokes, and tear up during your dad’s toast. They can’t experience these moments without amplification. For this reason, it’s vital to plan your audio and sound system needs early on in the process. Then, you can be certain your loved ones will be able to enjoy every moment of your big day.

Dance Floor

A dance floor is a must-have for energizing guests at your wedding and creating a beautiful focal point. In addition, many magical moments take place on the dance floor. Many couples choose to rent a dance floor for their weddings instead of booking a venue that has a built-in one.

Having a reliable, state-of-the-art moving head lighting system will make your dance floor a party scene to remember. These lights are computer-based and create a dynamic atmosphere that is perfect for dancing. They are available in 15 colors and patterns to match your theme and set the right mood.

A DJ controller is a piece of equipment that lets you pre-cue songs, fade them in and out and control other settings. You can get if from an Audio equipment rental and used to connect multiple music sources to the mixer. You will also need a pair of 1/4” cables, which are the same type of cable guitarists use to plug into their guitar amps.


Whether they’re reciting their vows, chuckling at the jokes made in toasts or wiping away tears from your father’s remarks, your loved ones are there to hear you exchange your promises, and that can’t happen without proper amplification. Fortunately, many venues already have the right equipment in place.

For outdoor weddings, it’s also important to plan for the wind. Even the slightest breeze can cause microphones to pick up interference or even drop out completely. A good solution is to use a Rycote windjammer or other furry-type windscreens on all microphones (especially wireless lavaliers) so they are protected from the elements.

If you’re shooting a lot of video at your wedding, it’s essential to have a camera that can handle low-light situations well. Weddings are often shot well into the night, so having a camera with exceptional in-camera colors and an accurate autofocus system will make your life much easier.


Oftentimes, the venue for a wedding doesn’t provide enough power to run everything you need. A generator can be rented to make sure all of your vendors have the electricity they need to work at full capacity.

A lavalier microphone is the best option for most ceremony officiants (who will likely be wearing a suit jacket). These are small mics that can be clipped to lapels and dresses, which allows people to keep their hands free while speaking.

Many ceremonies feature musicians and readers, as well as the bride and groom giving toasts at the reception. It’s a good idea to ask the house sound operator to allow you to “borrow” a line output from their audio mixer and feed it into your portable recorder. This will ensure you have clean, high-quality audio of these elements.

If you’re recording an outdoor ceremony or reception, be prepared for wind. The slightest breeze can blow your microphones and muddy the sound of your recordings. A Rycote windjammer or similar furry windscreen will help minimize the damage and ensure you have crystal clear wedding audio for your video.

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