Amenities to Look For in an Apartment

Apartments feature an abundance of amenities that renters look for when selecting their ideal living environment. While some amenities are more coveted than others, all can make life in an apartment more pleasant and convenient.

Smart devices have become an increasingly popular feature in apartment living spaces. From water sensors that notify of leakage to touchscreen thermostats and smart locks, these devices offer convenient energy management while helping reduce costs.

Closets and Storage

An apartment must provide ample storage space, particularly if you plan on sharing with roommates or moving out of your parents’ home to your own place. Examine floor plans of potential rentals to determine their closet capacities (walk-in closets, his-and-her closets, linen closets and pantry spaces should all be present).

An in-unit washer and dryer are another feature worth searching out; these amenities can save time and money by eliminating a weekly laundry trip to a laundromat.

Internet Access

High-speed connections are an essential amenity for those who work online or need their laptops at all times, enabling you to complete work quicker. Many new buildings feature this facility.


For single renters, having a dishwasher may not top their list of must-have amenities, but families or people sharing a kitchen may consider one essential. Most newer buildings now provide one as standard to make cooking simpler.

Centralized Heating and Cooling Systems

If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, an apartment equipped with centralised heating and cooling units should be considered a necessity. Not only can these units keep air quality optimal in your building; they can also help ensure respiratory problems do not arise in any form.

Pools, hot tubs and fitness centers

For active individuals looking to stay fit while living in an apartment community, swimming pools and workout areas are popular luxury amenities. This includes amenities such as hot tubs and fitness centers which are often offered.

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Pet-Friendly Housing

With roughly 70% of American households owning pets, finding rental space that welcomes both cats and dogs can be crucial for many apartment dwellers.

Parking Options

Finding parking in your apartment complex can be invaluable when driving to work or running errands – particularly important if you own a vehicle!

Outdoor spaces

Gardens, patios or rooftop decks can help you unwind after a hard day’s work and connect with neighbors to build community ties.

Security Features

Protecting oneself against theft, vandalism and burglary is of utmost importance for residents. A surveillance system can ensure your belongings remain safe.

Package lockers

For those who regularly receive packages from businesses, this amenity may prove extremely convenient. They allow them to safely store the packages until it’s time for pick-up.

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