American Male Actors Who Are Single In 2022

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has dated several famous women but the past few years have been unlucky for him. His recent breakup with Haley Atwell is said to be because of his anger issues. Well, making a movie during a pandemic is not as easy as it sounds. Stress and long hours add to filmmakers’ anger issues. On the other hand, Tom’s religion has also made his prospects of finding a woman slim. Since he has joined the Church of Scientology he and his life partners are required to live up to the set standards of this church teachings.

Brad Pit

When it comes to women and dating, Brad Pit is also going through an unlucky phase of his life. Maybe that’s why Brad has changed his focus and has been involved in taking care of things that are good for his inner peace and renewal. Brad is keeping busy with his family, charity, and work to make a difference in the world. The rumors are Brad wants a long-term relationship but fears putting the efforts into dating, getting to know someone, and building something on moment-to-moment efforts.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has been in relationships with many beautiful women. However, his last marriage turned out to be a nightmare for him. His former wife accused him of being physically abusive whereas he has placed many allegations on his former wife against whom he won the battles getting out of the marriage. Since then, he has still not been heard of in a committed relationship.

Franklin Livingston

Despite being so personable and charming, Franklin is still a single man looking for the love of his life. Franklin believes that to have a meaningful relationship, one should aim to date someone who could be true to themselves and their partner. He doesn’t feel attracted to women who put up a performance to show the world or their suitors to hide their true selves. Franklin is not a big fan of the dating scene. He believes that these days dating is more of a game. Some people don’t know why they want to go out with another person and just focus on short-term fun. However, he believes that he needs something long-term, with someone who would come along to build up each other, be there for each other and be one with each other. That seems to be very rare these days.

Chris Evans

Are you surprised to know that Captain America is still single? Well, at the end of the day he is still a human being. Women and men both like to date people who are more human than superheroes at home. He stood out as a handsome hunk out of his uniform as well when we saw him in Knives Out. Still, he is single and hasn’t found the love of his life. Being a full-time actor on such big projects might give Chris a chance to find a date of his dreams.

Zac Efron

Zac Efron has dated so many women from all over the world. Some of his relationships did not end well. Zac has been known to go crazy after his breakup. Once, Zac removed all his pictures with his then-girlfriend and also unfollowed her on social media. He is also known for being stingy. He wasn’t a fan of scenarios in which his then-girlfriend was to stay home, that he was paying, for two months, while he was filming. These might be the reasons; the actor is still single and not ready to take a chance with another woman.

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