Aviator Sunglasses – The Most Effective Sunglasses For Protection Against Sunlight

When choosing your sunglasses, you should find one that matches your character, not your budget. This is particularly important in today’s ‘wear and forget’ world. Sunglasses are a great accessory that can be worn to several different functions, and because of this they are big business. From golf to sailing, hiking to cycling, women’s sunglasses offer a stylish, Fashion option for keeping both sight and eyes healthy, while blocking out the sun. It is therefore no wonder that styles ranging from aviator to hipster are so popular.

Sunglasses can be made from a variety of materials, including plastic, carbon fiber and metal. The frame, lenses and wear need to match the intended use of each style. If you like something a little more square-shaped, shop for some round or square-shaped frame styles such as the La Cultura, and if you prefer a slightly bigger change, take inspiration from the seventies and go wild with oversized, beamed-glass frames. Finally, if you enjoy the playful aesthetic appeal of cat eye or Lucite glasses, the wide-ranging collection of see through sunglasses we have compiled here will definitely satisfy. Available in all colour combinations, these funky ladies’ sunglasses include fun pink and lime green frames that are a perfect fit for the beach girl in you, a funky blue and silver frame that bring back memories of the sixties with its pom-pom colour, or a futuristic black and silver style that will really stand out in a sea of white.

For those with oval faces, try the Aviator shapes – if your nose is long, try an oval-shaped lens. If your face is short, you could opt for some wider lenses to make the sides a bit slimmer. The wraparound style of Aviator sunglasses looks best when worn with skinny-legged clothing, especially when paired with the classic red and black checks. The cross-hairs and oversized temples also help to add some mystery to your look, so that your sunglasses become an accessory instead of a distraction.

Acetate frames fit the bill perfectly for those with either a round or square face. These frames, which originated in the thirties, are a throwback to the earlier, simpler aviator style. You can choose from circular, square, triangular or oblong frames. The oblong shape is ideal for those with either a long or round face. Square aviators are perfect for square shaped faces, while the triangular shape works well with those with longer or even slanted faces. The last, acutate, frames are very much in between and work best for those with oval-shaped faces.

The cool thing about these sunglasses is that they match just about anything you already own. Sunglasses manufacturers have made more than just standard styles; they’re also making trendy pairs for everyday wear and for casual summer wear. These sunglasses come in all kinds of colors, including bright colors like blue, yellow, red, purple and green. Of course, your choice will also depend on what your usual wardrobe is. Many people opt for neutral shades such as brown and black, because they’re equally versatile with different kinds of clothes.

As mentioned earlier, there are many kinds of aviator sunglasses, which all offer something different. If you know what colors and shapes your regular prescription eyeglasses have, it won’t be difficult to find sunglasses to suit. However, if your eyes aren’t perfect, you might want to try wearing these shades as something different. Since there are many designs that can match any kind of outfit, you should have no problem finding sunglasses with the right prescription. If you’ve never been a fan of the sunglasses brand but suddenly find yourself wearing them, it’s probably time to start wearing them again.

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