Social Trends In The Real World

Social Trends In The Real World

After months of social distancing, discovered that other form of social media to fill in the gap left by myself and some other cool human being in my dorm room. Turns out that other program is also TikTok. Just like many college students, randomly selected any of few cool friends that also had TikTok for the better part of the semester. And now, naturally, we’re all a bit gummy.

Social networking may very well be one of the biggest viral trends to hit the Internet since the Atkins diet (and possibly before). Social networking is like network Viagra (or at least Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace.) except it’s so much more fun. Social networking is more than just sharing pictures or thoughts; it’s an actual social experience with your peers.

Social trends come and go; but some are here to stay. And these trends are most definitely here to stay and will most certainly be increasing in popularity by the year, if not the decade. Social media have become a major factor in the Japanese Y2K fashion trends which emerged last year.

Sustainable fashion has been making a splash lately as well. With the rise of bamboo products, hemp clothing, and organic materials, upcycling has become very popular. And it seems eco-friendly apparel makers are taking green breaks on all fronts; in the realm of clothing and accessories as well as on the fishing boat. The upcycling trend is creating a stir among eco-minded individuals who are trying to make their mark on the world. And the result is a whole new world of options for consumers.

With such an abundance of options in this new era of the Internet, the future looks bright for Social Media gurus. Whether you want to share your photos on Facebook or send a tweet on Twitter, chances are that Social Media will be there to help you. Social networking sites have always been considered Social Media platforms, and if the trend continues to evolve into something truly spectacular, then we could very well see many Social Media websites as a major force in our future society. Whether or not the upcycling of the planet, the upcycling of fashion trends, or the upcycling of the future social media; the future looks bright indeed for Social Media gurus.

Social Influencers is making their mark on the fashion industry. Social influencers like Youtube stars are making their impact felt on major Social Media networks like Twitter and Facebook. Social influencers bring fans and followers together. And it is the job of Social Media companies to understand and harness that power. Whether we like it or not, Social Media is here to stay.

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