Different Hair Styles Are Created Through Many Hair Stylists

Different Hair Styles Are Created Through Many Hair Stylists

The beginning of a new year always comes with an irresistible desire to begin anew, so it is a great time for a new hair cut. The first major hair trends of the decade include stylish looks at almost every length imaginable that will be tailored specifically to your individual hair style and texture. Themed ponytails and sophisticated bobs are among the hottest new trends in hair styling. Many of today’s younger women are opting for more youthful styles and even hairstyles such as those that sport a more youthful look with a bit of a sassy twist. The biggest trend in hair styling right now is shorter hair cuts that help to give women the illusion of having longer hair and add a nice bit of volume to a style that may have been lacking.

Layers are one of the easiest and quickest ways to change up the volume of your hair. There are so many different styles that are created using layers including French pleats, box braids, and textured strands that add texture to your hair. These chic curls and waves add a lot of flair when worn with an up-do or even a simple ponytail. For those who prefer to keep their hair natural, a little volume from the layers will help to give the appearance of long thick hair. For those who have naturally curly hair there are also great options for adding texture using gel, mousse, and Russian curls.

Another great way to keep your hair easy and low-maintenance is by choosing cuts that have blunt ends. Curly or wavy hair often requires extra shaping to stay together after the bang stage. Brushed blunt ends are easy to manage and maintain and will provide you with a timeless style that can work with most hair care products. Blunt ends are usually chosen because they offer a classic, sleek look that is easy to style and do a good job of keeping the hair off your face during the day. This is the ideal cut for most people who enjoy changing the look of their hair frequently.

Another fun low-maintenance cut is the mohawk. Mohawks can be curly or straight and are a fun way to incorporate fun into the hair without adding tons of volume. Originally a symbol of rebelliousness used by Indians, marjoram have now adopted a more modern look. Adding a trefoil to the end of a marjan will create a triangular design and is easy to maintain. Cutting the trefoil at the base of the tip will give you a longer and choppy Mohawk that is perfect for any occasion.

Adding highlights or colors is easy when you use heat protectant. Heat protectant sprays are applied directly to the hair and then are brushed on to the rest of the head. To add extra color, heat protectant gels are smeared on with a brush before being brushed onto the ends. These are great for touch ups because they do not leave a residue and are easy to reapply if desired. Heat protectant gels and sprays are ideal for those who wash their hair regularly and cannot handle washing and drying their hair on a daily basis.

No matter what type of hairstyle you choose, it’s important to take care of your hair. Many people skip shampooing or even using heat protectant, but this will actually damage the hair. Hair strands should be washed in a gentle shampoo, and the pH levels of the shampoo should be similar to the hair’s natural pH level. Then the strands should be dried by hand using a towel, and finally they should be brushed with a wide tooth comb to finish the style.

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