How to Increase the Watch Time on YouTube

YouTube is a popular platform to play videos, upload videos to your channel, and interact with other users with likes, comments, and shares. It is one of the most visited websites in the world and it offers a wide range of videos for its users. Watch time is more important for content creators in order to make more money. It is the total amount of time a viewer watches your YouTube videos.

Watch time helps the creators a valuable insight into what their subscribers enjoy in watching the video. If you are having higher video watch time, YouTube automatically promotes your video in the feed and in the recommended sections. You can Buy YouTube Watch Time Hours from SocioCosmos. Watch time hours help in getting monetization opportunities for your channels like brand sponsorships and collaborations.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the effective ways to increase watch time on YouTube.

Make an Attractive Intro:

If your video is not receiving enough view counts it deserves, you can try creating an eye-catching intro to add before your content. Make sure your intro attracts the audience at the beginning and makes them continue watching the video without any skips. Your intros need to be engaging and interesting and add clips from the video, before or after clips, and bloopers. Only after the attractive intro, you should insert the channel intro or your personal intro clip.

Create Engaging Videos:

If you want to get better engagement for your YouTube content, it is essential to post videos that need to be more engaging. This means your videos are to be more informative, entertaining, and interesting to watch. Your video should be relevant to your brand and fits the viewer’s age, gender, occupation, location, and more.

Use Relevant Thumbnail Images:

The thumbnail of the video is the first thing a user can see in their feed or search results. So, make sure the image must be more attractive and it should have the ability to capture the attention of the user and make a click on your video. Have a thumbnail image appropriate to what your video contains. Don’t use clickbait images and such images can trick people to click on your video but you won’t be able to retain the viewers.

Create the Content on Long Tail Keywords:

Viewers looking for the content around the long tail keywords have a higher chance to watch the videos till the end. Creating a video on long tail keywords will attract specific viewers and result in increasing your video watch hours. All you need to do is find the correct keyword and include those words in the description, tags, and title. As a result, your videos will get a higher ranking in search engine results and brings more engagement and views.


It hardly takes around one year to reach 4000 watch time hours. If you are creating videos on YouTube follow the above tips to reach estimated watch time hours in a shorter period of time.

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