How Many Types of Watches are There

Watches are necessary devices that are essential to every people in a regular manner. Nowadays, after the emergence of mobile phones, the need for a watch has diminished a lot. But many people love to wear a watch. Having a watch on your wrist helps you to keep track of the day and brings several benefits.

There are different types of watches are available. In this article, we will discuss each type and it will be useful for the one who is planning to buy one.

Based on the Movement:

Watch movement is like the engine mechanism that helps in giving power to the watch. It is one of the major things you should be aware of when you are planning to buy a watch. The following are some of the types of the watch based on the movement.

Mechanical Watch:

Mechanical movements watch doesn’t require any batteries because they require hand winding in order to operate. These types of watches are accurate to about +/- 20 seconds a day and they are more reliable. Mechanical watches are a little bit more expensive than any other type because they are having several series of tiny components that work together to give power to the timepiece.

Automatic Watch:

These are self-winding watches that have a spring inside. The battery is not needed for this type of watch, and they need very less maintenance. Automatic watches capture the movement of your wrist and use it to power the mechanism, so there is no need to wind the watch by hand. These types of watches are accurate for about +/- 20 seconds in a day and they are available in all budget types.

Quartz Watches:

Quartz watches are the popular type that runs on an electric current, which comes from a battery present in the watch. Batteries play an important role in the functioning and it needs to be replaced once every 2-3 years. Many people prefer this type of watch to any other type.

Benoit watches are made with stainless steel material, and this pays close attention to every detail. This type of minimalist watches uses quartz movement, and it suits both your office and casual wearing. Watches from Benoit brand is of unique style and enables you to wear them for any occasion and with any attire. Such type of watches is rare, and you can get them from this brand. If you are buying watch for the first time, then you must try from Benoit.

Based on the Functionality:

Analog Watches:

Analog watches have a traditional clock face with three-hand movement, and it is available for every budget. This type of watch shows you the time through the hands on a dial and these hands may also show you the date or day of the week. The standout feature of this watch type represents the classic and traditional look of the timepiece. Analog watches are perfect to wear on any occasion type.

Digital Watches:

Digital watches feature time in numerical digits, and they have several features like GPS, pedometer, etc. This type of watch doesn’t contain any moving parts instead they use electronic circuit boards to drive the LCDs to show the time. These watches are available in all price ranges, and they are having an electronic display to show the perfect time. Digital watches are suitable to wear for sporting activities.

Chronograph Watches:

Chronograph watches are having a face with subdials. These subdials feature a tachymeter, which is a scale placed around the rim of the watch that is used to measure the speed over a known distance. Also, there are more complications and functions with the subdials such as stopwatches, tachymeters, etc. chronograph watches are available in a range of different styles and are more expensive than any other types.

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