How to Study Acupuncture in China?

Acupuncture is one of the most well-known traditional Chinese medicines. Acupuncture schools in China offer programs for both Chinese students and international students.

China has a number of great universities that offer acupuncture degrees, including Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guangxi University of TCM, Nanjing College of TCM and Chengdu TCM College for International Students.

How many days does it take to complete an acupuncture course

Acupuncture is a therapeutic technique that involves the insertion of very thin needles into the body at specific points. The practice has been used for thousands of years by Asian medicine practitioners and is now becoming popular in Western countries.

Students usually need to spend about 3,000 hours studying for an acupuncture qualification – that’s 800 hours more than it takes to qualify as a doctor.

The course usually lasts two years, but most students spend between 18 months and three years on it if they want to go on to specialist training afterward.

Some sample acupuncture treatments: Acupuncture points to quit smoking, Acupuncture Points for Anxiety and Acupuncture Points for High Uric Acid.

How to Get an Acupuncture License?

In order to get an acupuncture license, prospective acupuncturists must first earn a doctorate in medicine from a medical school that has been approved by the U.S. Department of Education to teach Oriental medicine. Here you can get brief instructions about acupuncture license.

What qualifications need to study Acupuncture?

The minimum qualification needed to study acupuncture would be an undergraduate degree from a recognized university. This degree usually takes three to four years. After that, you can go on to study for a master’s or Ph.D. in an area related to the biomedical sciences, such as neurophysiology, immunology, neuroscience, or anatomy.

How acupuncture treatment will be?

Acupuncture is not a form of medicine that can be patented or widely marketed in today’s society because it’s based on the belief that the body has life energy called chi.

This means there are no industry standards for acupuncture treatment procedures, and practitioners are free to design treatments specific to their patients’ needs.

A lot of people do not think this is a good thing because they argue that without industry standards, it’s difficult for patients to know what they’re getting when they go in for treatment.

However, proponents of acupuncture say that this is actually a good thing because it allows patients and practitioners to work together and create treatments customized to their individual needs.

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An undergraduate degree is not required to practice acupuncture. The best path for someone interested in acupuncture is to pursue a Masters’s Degree in Acupuncture first. Once the person has successfully completed the course of study, they will be able to sit for the exam and obtain their certification as an acupuncturist.