How To Unclog The Clogged Shower Drain In Your Bathroom

At home, one may face different plumbing issues. It is not uncommon to face such issues. With a few careful approaches, you can prevent the plumbing issues to a large extent. For example, you should not throw pieces of plastic wrappers to the shower drain. Keeping the shower drain clean regularly is also a good thing. However, many of us do not perform these things with seriousness. As a result, shower drain clogging issues happen. In such cases, you need to follow a few steps to unclog the drain. These steps have been discussed in the following section.

1. Pour Boiling Water On The Shower Drain

When you find that shower drain is clogged, you do not need to call a plumber immediately. Sometimes, you can do it yourself. The best trick that works in many cases is using boiling water. If plastic pieces have clogged the shower drain, boiling water poured on them will help the plastic pieces to meltdown. Melted plastic pieces will go through the drain system easily. Hence, the drainage system will be unclogged again. This method may not work when there are many hard plastic pieces inside the clogged drain. Nevertheless, there could also be other reasons behind shower drain clogging. For other reasons, the trick of using boiling water may not work.

2. Use A Plunger

If you have a plunger at home, it can help you to unclog the shower drains. However, the plunger does not work well in all the cases. Moreover, using a good quality plunger is important. Professional plumbers have plungers that possess high suction power. Using such plungers is always beneficial.

3. Baking Soda And Vinegar

If the trick of boiling water does not work, baking soda and vinegar mixture will work. This mix can act as a chemical that helps to clean the clogged drains. The best thing is that baking soda and vinegar are readily available in our houses. So, instead of calling a plumber for shower drain unclogging, sometimes, you can do it yourself.

4. Use Your Hands Or A Hook

You can either use your hands or hooks for unclogging the drains. Open the shower drain lid, and then use your hand to pull out all the garbage trapped inside. The job seems messy, though there is no other alternative to this in many cases. Instead of hands, you can use a hook to pull out the materials that have caused the drainage clogging.

5. Call A Plumber

When the tricks that are mentioned above do not work, you need to call a professional plumbing service for resolving the issue. A good plumber is well-equipped with many advanced instruments to resolve the shower drain clogging issue in a few hours.

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