Isn’t It Time You Toured A California Vineyard

Ah, the sounds of birds chirping, the glorious sun pelting down, the harmonious laughs of friends as they all participate in one final “cheers” in the air… socially distanced, of course. An engaging and downright fascinating tour of the facilities. Then onto some samplings and cheese pairing, and the marriage of flavors is nothing short of divine. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?

A global pandemic has put a dampener on a lot of fun, but there are ways to enjoy the fruits of California’s vineyards and stay safe: with diligence and precaution and social distancing too. The possibility of an incredible adventure one won’t soon forget is just around the corner when visiting a vineyard to learn about California vineyards’ art, culture, and practice.

Top reasons summer 2021 is perfect for a Napa Valley winery visit:

1.Be in nature while consuming its fruits: the experience of sipping samples in a Rutherford winery amongst the trees and birds and soft lights of a soon approaching sunset is nothing short of poetry. See the strategy and then taste the fruits, quite literally.

2.Socialize and socially distance: the best way to get together with friends, learn something new, and enjoy the juices of some of the best fruits the state has to offer, safely.

3.Set for cruise control: rigid itineraries begone! One of the best things one can enjoy is that the whole experience is about learning, sipping, and savoring. It’s a time to be in the moment.

4.Taste the rarest blends: sometimes, in-house sommeliers get generous and let visitors sip some of the most elite, aged, and delicious vino.

5.It’s relatively inexpensive: visitors to a Rutherford winery are educated, entertained, exercised, and indulged with drinks and gourmet goodies galore, and it takes a few hours, at least.

6.A new passion may ignite: it may be with the person sitting six feet away from you on tour. It may also be the torching of a passion for all things that a sustainable winery in Rutherford has to offer. From picking the grapes to letting the fermentation magic happen, there’s much to learn and even more to love.

7.Show some local support: as so many venues are struggling to survive in the post-pandemic climate, a Rutherford wine tasting is the perfect idea to inject some much-needed support into the economy, as well as enjoy the incredible, artisanal, and often organic drinks that are made especially for adult consumption.

8.Support environmentally friendly businesses: find out which of the vineyards is incredibly astute in their environmentally friendly habits and drop by for a taste of their fruits, or even five. The more the public support businesses that place a high value on the environment, the more likely they are to become a social norm.

9.Sound fancy at your next distanced dinner party: most vino tours include a gourmet food portion. Learn about the unique tastes that’ll set taste buds on fire.

10.Learn about the locals: not only will visitors get an inside look at the rich layers of history that uphold many vineyard businesses, but also learn about the people. While many vineyards are owned and run by families, others have been working together in loyalty and solidarity for many generations. There’s a powerful sense of community within the leafy life of the Napa Valley winery.

11.Meet someone new: at a distance, of course! What’s a better way to meet someone than the casual, fun, and interactive environment of a Rutherford wine tasting, especially with little sips of that golden liquid courage along the way?

12.Make a day of it: venturing out into the countryside makes a welcome reprieve from the world’s dizzying pace. Many offer tour buses, which means that someone else has to be the designated driver. Start your engines. It’s time to sip in the sun.

13.It’s really fun: no matter the modus operandi of each visitor, and whether it is to have some responsible fun or dig deep learning about the art of sustainable winery practices, there’s something for everyone. A Rutherford wine tasting is a unique experience that every adult can enjoy.

Tips for visiting a vineyard:

Is visiting a vineyard at the top of the list this summer? There are a few points to consider to truly enjoy the experience.

●Wear comfortable shoes. Vineyards have lots of mud, muck, and dust. Wearing tennis shoes will enable visitors to thoroughly soak in the experience and get an up-close and personal look at the science and business of vineyards.

●Go earlier in the day: avoid the heat and increase of people by booking the first tour available.

●Stick to visiting one or two vineyards in a day: learning and enjoying each location takes time, and the point is to savor each experience and lesson.

●Don’t be scared to ask questions: the people that run the vineyards are extraordinarily proud and typically love to answer any inquiries visitors may have.

●Suss out the spit bucket: as devastating as it can be to spit out that delicious vino, it’s necessary. Drinking too much of it will dampen the experience and stop visitors from savoring each sip and learning about all the industry secrets. Don’t forget to ensure there’s a designated driver who’s coming for the ambiance.

●Look out for vino you can’t buy commercially: some vineyards offer special bottles exclusive to visitors.

The options and fun are endless for any adult looking for a California vineyard adventure this summer!

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