Why do you think that organic food production is a challenging task?

Why do you think that organic food production is a challenging task?

Organic food items have huge demand in the global market. Chemical-free, GMO-free, preservative-free, and artificial fragrance-free organic foods are healthy for all age groups of people. Excellent temperature, adequate rainfall, and organic pesticides can improve the production of organic foods. But the technology that is used in organic firms is unique and costly; thus, the price of the organic food items is more than the chemically treated foods. But with the market demand, new manufacturers are coming into the market to produce more organic food items.

Challenges in organic food production

With the emerging industry, organic food-producing firms face huge difficulties such as follows-

  1. Adjustment of timing- Organic foods production is based on the climate. Due to temperature variation, organic farmers can not manage to produce grain, pulses, fruits, and vegetables at the right time.
  2. Product labeling- Sometimes, organic foods may be decayed due to temperature fluctuation while delivering from one place to another. Organic food-producing firms can use a labeling system that clearly states the date of production, date of arrival, and specific risk factors regarding the temperature variation.
  3. Expansion of the market- Organic foods is very delicate. Thus, it is better to distribute organic food locally. But organic food manufacturers can open their outlets globally to fulfill the global demand.
  4. Limitation of supply- Organic foods producing firms require more fertile land and organic agricultural items that are hard to find and costlier. The final organic products are quite expensive than chemically treated products; thus, the supply of organic food items is limited.

The specialty of organic food producing firm

Sibarita is a traditional Spanish food producing firm that supplies various organic food items to global customers. The packaging and transporting technique of this manufacturer is unique. Customers can also get sibarita traditional Spanish foods recipes in their blog. Green olive and potato pizza recipe of sibarita is as follows-

Ingredients- One large sliced onion, one crushed garlic, 15 green olives, 300g potatoes, 500g bread mix, and sliced taleggio 150g

  1. Cook the onion and garlic with olive oil for 10 minutes until it becomes soft.
  2. Cook the potatoes in boiling water and mixed them with cooked onion.
  3. Heat the oven to 200 C to make the pizza bread. Put the potato mixture, olives, and cheese slice over the bread. Drizzle the bread with a little bit of olive oil to bake for 15 minutes until it becomes puffed.

Sibarita’s unique food preparation techniques are famous on the internet. After buying food items from sibarita, customers can try interesting and healthy recipes. All the sibarita organic food items are free from chemicals and artificial substances that are beneficial for health.

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