The Durability of WaterHog Mats: A Long-Term Investment

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Waterhog Floor Mats for All Your Needs One of the greatest features of Waterhog floor mats is that they’re built to withstand various situations and weather conditions, such as heavy traffic and harsh climate. Plus, they’re easy to maintain; simply vacuum or steam clean based on what kind of Waterhog mat you have installed!

Waterhog floor mats like the Ultimate mats feature rubber reinforced backings with cleats on the back to keep people from slipping through them are more resilient and suitable for all types of flooring, while their moisture-retaining rubber properties help prevent moisture leaking out and damaging floors.

Rubber backing makes the mats easy to place on different types of floors, especially carpeted ones where its cleats help gripping power to grip fibers of carpeting.

Waterhog mats feature a “water dam” border to trap dirt and moisture to help safeguard floors, while at the same time being capable of absorbing up to 1.5 gallons per square yard – an excellent solution for spaces experiencing rainy days or high foot traffic.

Waterhog Floor Mats

One of the hallmarks of Waterhog mats is their crush-proof bi-level design with an integrated dam that effectively scrapes away dirt from shoes while trapping it below shoe level to reduce tracking into your business.

Waterhog mats stand out among their competition with industry-leading materials that allow them to hold up to 1.5 gallons of water per mat – an essential feature if your space has high amounts of moisture, which could otherwise lead to mold growth or lead to other harmful issues such as fungus growth.

Waterhog floor mats offer various designs, each offering specific features tailored to fit the specific needs of its user. You can select between classic, classic fashion, masterpiece and premier types.

Waterhog floor mats offer an extensive selection of sizes and surface patterns to meet the unique needs of businesses of any kind. Customization with designs, emblems, seals, or company logos is also possible.

Customizable in multiple color schemes to fit with your brand and image, they come with various edging options like cleated or smooth backings depending on whether the floor has carpet or hard surfaces – these surfaces could include tile, wood and concrete surfaces.

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