Top Apps For 2021

Top Apps For 2021

The past two years has been a rollercoaster ride with many ups and downs. It made people to get accustomed to some difficult habits. They got used to maintaining social distance, self-quarantine, wearing masks, work from home and much more. Technology helped us to swim over this sea of hardships with ease. And particularly smartphones helped to navigate through this pandemic like a smooth sail. It entertained people, taught them, and kept them connected with friends and family. It is still helping in all of the above-mentioned things. Students are using smartphones for learning from home, Employees are working from home with the help of this tech and families get connected only with the help of this tech.

When it comes to applications for smartphones, there are a lot of options available. Particularly in this pandemic situation, people required specific types of applications. Mainly they are in need of a good application that can seamlessly connect to their colleagues, friends and families. So, there was a bunch of communication related apps all over the internet. Similarly, many needs rose during this pandemic. Here is a list of apps from the successful entrepreneur Lady Charlotte which can get you through the pandemic. You can also follow her here @itsladycharlotte for more information on how to get through the current situation.

Apps That Can Ease Your Life

Headway – If you feel dull or demotivated, empower yourself with excellent book collection from this application. It has the best motivational books to encourage and educate yourself from the experiences of successful people. It also has books to entertain you. Make sure you check out this excellent app for all your reading requirements.

Free Now – Travelling from one place to another might have been a hectic job in this pandemic. But you don’t need to worry if you have this application. The best black cab app in London is there for the rescue. Use this app to travel throughout London.

Zoom – The best free meeting app for all your official and casual communications. You can catch up with your long-distance relation or attend important discussions with your co-workers with the help of this app easily.

Teams – This is also a communication app from Microsoft. It is very useful for holding official meetings. It has proven to be seamless with different tools that helps in conducting a company meeting.

Vimeo Create – If you are looking for a free video editing and making tool, then this the right choice you will ever make. With all the essential and pro tools, this app excels in video creation and editing.

With the help of this list of apps you can perform all your work productively and efficiently.

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