Why Do You Think That The Kik App Is Not Suitable For Business Communication

The 21st century is the era of the digital world where every business activity depends on the success of the digital platform. E-commerce is the latest example of a digital world where people can buy anything from online shops with the help of technology and social media. But the business enterprise doesn’t prefer to use social media platforms or messaging apps to discuss any business-related issues. The main reason for avoiding the messaging app is to protect the business data from cyber hacking. Cyber hackers always want to use social media platforms to hack confidential business data without informing the business enterprise.

Disadvantages Of Kik App For Business Purposes

An instant messaging app like the Kik app is suitable for communicate with friends or a group of friends within a short time period because of its simple and easy formation. But it is not ideal for business communication for the following reasons-

1.Employees may waste unnecessary time on the messenger app. Instead of productive discussion, they prefer to use the messenger for gossiping purposes.

2.Instant messaging apps have lots of users, and there may be a chance of hacking for essential business issues. Thus business organizations do not prefer to share any confidential business issues on the messaging app.

3.Kik is perfect for informal communication, but it is not suitable for formal mass communication when there is a necessity of involving lots of people together to discuss a matter.

4.Kik messaging app doesn’t provide the previous communication details when you start a new conversation session. It is problematic to continue the internal business communication.

5.Business management cannot control this Kik messaging app for business communication purposes as per the app security reason.

Way To Overcome These Disadvantages

1.Kikboys messaging app is the latest segment of Kik messaging app that is useful for group chat or group video calling, but the organization has to set unique protocols and parameters to use this messaging app for business communication.

2.The business organization should ensure their employees about cybersecurity before chatting on the Kik messaging app.

3.You can set a configuration system for the messaging app and don’t allow the entry of any outsiders.

4.Try to discuss the regular office works details with the employees on this platform, and avoid discussing any internal issues.

From the above information, it is visible that business organizations should set correct rules and regulations to use any social platform for business communication purposes. Try to discuss the internal matters in the closed office premises. But in the future, business enterprises should focus on improving their own communication platform.

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