What are the Different Types of Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are commonly found in all types of buildings and are different from decorative sloped roofs. These flat roofs are so popular that they provide an economical option of roofing for home and commercial buildings. It also provides the roof space to be used to install solar panels, air conditioning outdoor units and developing roof top gardens. It is important to select the type of flat roof from the Top Roofing company which suits the best for your home or commercial buildings.

Different Types of Flat Roofs:

The following are the different types of flat roof materials that are commonly used nowadays.

Built-Up Roofing:

This type of roofing is made up of gravel and hot tar. Gravel is an excellent fire retardant, and this type of roofing system is more affordable than many other types. The waterproof ply sheet layers are sandwiched between the layers of hot tar and then ballasted by the layer of gravel for providing enough durability and stability. The tar and gravel are heavier, and it puts extra stress on the building. This type of roofing is not suitable for home installation because molten tar gives a strong smell and installation is more messy.

Modified Bitumen Roof:

Modified bitumen roofs are similar to the built-up roof type, and it is usually made of two piles or layers, a base sheet, and a cap sheet. This type of roofing method can be installed in different ways.

1.Hot applied with the tar.

2.Cold applied solvent is based on the adhesive type that doesn’t require any use of heat.

3.Torched down with a flame that melts the two sheets together.

4.Peel and stick the base and cap sheets as a self-adhere once the release tape is removed.

These types of roofs are lighter in a color that helps to reflect the infrared energy from the sun and reduces the HVAC costs facility. Also, the torch-down systems are more hazardous to the fire and need to be careful while installation.

EPDM Rubber Roofing:

EPDM rubber roofing is more popular among the other types, and it is widely used in all types of buildings for roofing. Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer is used in the rubber roof membrane. These types of roofing membranes are light in weight and more durable than any other type. When there is a leak or damage in this membrane is found, it is very easy to repair, and the repair materials are available at low costs.

When compared to any other type these type of rubber roofing are environmentally friendly and provides UV protection. No need for any torch applications for installation and this roofing is fire resistant and even has the ability to self-extinguishment.


From the above, you can get a clear idea about the types of flat roofing systems. Before you make the decision always consult the best top roofing company for more information about the roofing type to make the best of your new roof.

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