What is the Importance of a Home Fetal Doppler… Is it Possible to do Routine Pregnancy Checkup at Home

Fetal doppler is a machine that uses sound waves to check baby’s heartbeat when baby is in womb. It uses ultrasound technology to detect the changes in the movement of the baby, which are translated as sound. It is common among pregnant women to know what is happening inside their belly to have a safe and healthy baby.

So, for that, Heart Rate Fetal Doppler is used as a pregnancy monitoring device, and it is easy to know about your baby’s health at home.

Note: Just to keep in mind it, Home Fetal Doppler does not replace the regular pregnancy checkups that the doctors require. The home fetal doppler ensure that your baby’s heartbeat is there, and you can connect with your baby even though they are not born yet.

How Do Fetal Doppler Work?

Fetal Doppler work with ultrasound technology, but they have lower in intensity. It uses a beam of high-frequency sound waves to detect the fetal heartbeat. It uses same to the same technology that doctors use during regular prenatal checkups… This technology is known as ultrasound.

This device detects the baby’s heartbeat as an auditory signal but these home devices doesn’t produce any images as we are shown in the regular checkups.

How to use Home Fetal Doppler?

There are two parts in Fetal Doppler one is probe and second is center unit. The main unit is connected by accord and the probe, to use this device, an ultrasound gel is suggested to be placed on the end of the probe and on the mom’s belly.

The gelled probe is moved further around the pregnant woman’s abdomen until it detects the sound of the fetal. These sounds are audible through the speaker, which is present on the central unit. Also, it displays the heartbeat in numbers on the main unit.

The heart rate of a baby may fall between 110 and 160 beats per minute. It is essential to check the fetal heart rate during labor, which can change in response to contractions or any activity. An abnormal heart rate of the baby indicates that the fetus is not getting enough oxygen or having any other problems, in such cases it is suggested to take advice from doctor. Also, if you are confused about how to use home fetal Doppler, you can with your regular checkup doctors, and they will be helping you learn it.

Note: Even if you are 8th month, sometimes hearing a heartbeat is not easy, so it requires patience and learning skills. Many mommies suggest checking the heartbeat in the morning because fully loaded bladder makes the baby come out more, and it becomes easy for them to check the heartbeat.

Doppler come in various strengths and the heart rates are measured in megahertz (MHz). Some fetal Doppler are made to be waterproof so that the user can submerge the probe in the water. These types of waterproof Doppler are useful when a person is laboring in water.

When Fetal Doppler is used:

The baby’s heart rate starts to beat around five to six weeks of pregnancy. At that time, the heartbeat can be detected by ultrasound technology. The sound of the heartbeat can be detected by using the heart rate fetal Doppler. The following are the suitable times in which the Doppler are used.


Fetal heartbeats can be detected by the fetal Doppler around 10 to 12 weeks of the pregnancy time. Depending on the various body conditions, it may be different so that the detection can happen slightly earlier or later. There are multiple reasons that the fetal heart rates may not be detected, which are as follow:

•Your pregnancy due date is miscalculated.

•When you have a tilted uterus, it is more difficult to hear your baby’s heartbeat.

•The layers of fat present on your abdominal act as a barrier and cannot listen to the sound.


The baby’s heartbeat will also be monitored during labor time. Frequent monitoring with the help of the fetal Doppler is usually done every 15 to 30 minutes a day during the first stage of the labor and 5 to 15 minutes a day during the second stage. These can also be consulted with the doctor for better advice based on the labor conditions.


From above discussion, you can get an idea about fetal Doppler’s use and its working from the above. It is a reliable tool for pregnant women to hear the heartbeat of the baby, but that does not reduce in any way your regular checkups, and it is just an aid to a new mom to be relaxed between regular checkup dates.

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