What are the Various Technologies Used in Flood Barrier Systems

Flood barrier systems are designed to prevent the area from flooding without letting the water inside the building. They are of different types in terms of materials and sizes. But, they provide efficient protection against floods and prevent flood damage. These are highly flexible systems and are most cost-effective. Flood barriers provide strong protection than any other traditional methods like sandbags.

What are the Various Technologies Used in Flood Barrier Systems?

The flood barrier systems are mainly categorized into two types.

1.Demountable flood barrier systems

2.Glass wall flood barrier systems

Demountable Flood Barrier Systems:

This demountable flood barrier is installed at the door entryway as an opening flood barrier. These are also called stackable flood barriers or removable flood-barriers. It provides excellent efficiency in protection and prevents the damage caused by the flood.

These barriers can have adjustable heights when the stackable barrier panels are installed over one another. Because of the height adjustments, these barriers are used to protect the exterior of the private house or commercial property.

Demountable flood barriers have posts and panels as their main components. The posts are made of aluminum alloy material which is permanently fixed on the walls. When you need more length of panels for protection central posts are used in between the side posts. These central posts are fixed on the ground by using the anchor plate.

Aluminum barrier panels are used to provide effective protection against floods. The stackable barrier panels can weigh up to 2.4kg/meter, which can be lifted by using one hand. These demountable barrier panels are easy to install or remove by using simple tools.

Glass Wall Flood Barrier Systems

Glass wall barrier panels are used in places where removable barriers cannot be deployed quickly. These types of barriers are used in parks, public utility communities that are built along with lakes, mountains, or any beautiful scenario view. These barriers provide excellent protection against flooding and also provide an unobstructed view of the landscape.

The frame structure of this type of barrier is made up of 6063 aluminum alloy material which provides high tensile strength and lightweight. The glasses used in this type of barrier are 10mm laminated tempered safety glass in 3 to 4 layers that are bonded together. The intermediate layers are transparent and have tear-resistant polyvinyl butyral films that can reach the total thickness of the glass up to 32-43mm.

Factors Affecting the Flood Defence Systems

The following are some factors that affect the flood defence systems.

Removable flood barriers need to be stored away when it is not in use. When you own more panels, it will take more space while storing the panels.

Glass wall flood barriers don’t need any maintenance. Only simple cleaning over the glass surface is enough after flooding. But, demountable barriers are needed to check after every flooding effect, which will add extra cost for the maintenance.


It is better to have deep knowledge in selecting the right flood barrier for your home or commercial building. So, think wise in choosing the right barrier in order to get maximum protection against floods.

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