What Do You Mean by Hydraulic Quick Hose Couplings

Hydraulic quick coupling provides the ability to connect or disconnect the hydraulic pipes or hoses for various sections of plumbing. These are having the ability to handle high pressure when compared with the normal other ones.

What Do You Mean by Hydraulic Quick Hose Couplings?

Hydraulic hose couplings are used to connect hydraulic hoses in a pipe system. These are used in custom hose assemblies to join hydraulic hoses to pipes, equipment, and other hoses. It can be connected and disconnected quickly from hoses without any tools. This connects pipes and hoses of different sizes and thread types. These provide seals and protect the ends of the hydraulic hoses to keep away any contaminants.

These hydraulic hose couplings are used to create hydraulic hose assemblies for transferring high-pressure fluids on hydraulic systems. These are found in many industries for manufacturing various parts.

Are All Hydraulic Quick Couplers Are Same?

All the hydraulic quick couplers are not the same. The check valve system uses roller balls or poppets to block the flow from exiting the fitting. When it is connected the rollerballs are pushed against each other, which lifts their seats to allow flow through the connection. There are two types of hydraulic quick couplings which are as follows.

Flat face couplers are used to connect push face sections into each other, which opens a large flow of paths through both ends.

Thread Connected Coupling contains male threads on the nipple portion, when connected with the female coupler that squeeze together to open both check valves. These type of couplings offers a high-pressure rating while offering very little flow in return.

What are the Different Types of Hydraulic Couplings with its Standards?

Threaded couplings have two threads which are male and female which acts as outside and inside threads. These threads are connected together, which applies pressure on one another and makes a tight seal.

Mated angle couplings create a seal when the male and female threads when are connected together. SAE 450 and JIC 370 are the two types of mated angle seals.

SAE 45o flare couplings are used on lower pressure applications like refrigeration lines, fuel lines, etc. JIC 37o is used on medium pressure and high-pressure lines to join hydraulic hose assemblies for hydraulic system components.

O-ring seals are used to create a strong seal on high-pressure applications. There are various SAE standards such as SAE J517, J516, and J343, which cover the performance requirements of the hydraulic hose assemblies.


These type of couplings provides a reliable connection between the hoses or pipes and transmit the smooth flow of hydraulic fluids of high pressure. This offers lower pressure drop when disconnecting from the pipe in order to prevent the contaminants and acts as corrosion-resistant to the parts.

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