Apple is testing new tool to keep the iPhone 11 from tracking your location

Apple is testing new tool to keep the iPhone 11 from tracking your location

Apple is really pushing hard with its privacy agenda, going as far as refusing to unlock iPhones used by criminals. The company has made and is currently testing a new location toggle button it promised to iPhone 11 users.

The move is to address concerns that arose with the iPhone 11. Security researcher Brian Krebs discovered that the iPhone 11 Pro constantly checks for your location even if you disable Location Services.

The UWB toggle feature has been spotted in the latest release of iOS 13.3.1 beta. YouTube creator Brandon Butch has just spotted that feature in the latest in the OS update.

Apple explained that it’s because the new phones, including the non-pro iPhone 11, use an ultra-wideband chip that still isn’t universally approved. The devices need to perform regular location checks, so it can switch off the chip where it can’t legally be used.

While Apple emphasized that the company isn’t collecting location data and that the UWB (Ultra Wideband.) checks take place “entirely on the device,” it promised to roll out a dedicated toggle for the chip for those who are worried their location data is being tracked.

The new toggle marked “Networking & Wireless” is found under System Services in Locations Services, which, in turn, is found in Privacy Settings. It looks like switching it off triggers a prompt that says “Turning off location for Networking & Wireless may affect Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Ultra-Wideband performance.”

Apple’s devices use the UWB chip for highly precise location finding. One of its benefits is giving users the capability to quickly find the right person to AirDrop in a place full of iPhone users.

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