Are Smartboards Only For Educational Institutions

Are Smartboards Only For Educational Institutions

You might have witnessed the use of whiteboards mostly in schools or educational institutions. But it has uses in the business places also. Companies while holding meetings require a whiteboard to brainstorm ideas, write and explain concepts, do presentations and many others. A smartboard is an advanced form of the whiteboard with some additional features with the help of the technology. They are useful for educational purposes but they are also highly used in many companies also. Let us see the features of a smartboard and how it is used in business activities.

Features Of A Smartboard

There are many features in a smartboard that are highly useful to carry forward our business activities. The primary feature of a smartboard is its ability to interact. An Interactive smartboard is used to manipulate, present, draw, write whatever we like on it with the help of a precision pen. This pen can also be used as pointers while presenting. Similarly, a smartboard can be used to integrate with all the devices present in the room. This collaboration system can display the contents of the smartboard on to the personal devices of each employee.

This interactive smartboard has media playing software within it which makes it like a high resolution screen. So, there is no need for a projector. All your presentation files, videos and any application can be run within a smartboard screen. Apart from this there are graphic designing software which can assist you to draw and write like a conventional whiteboard. You can pick and choose required colours, shapes and much more. You can draw pie charts, put graphs, perform analysis, etc. with a smartboard. Therefore, smartboards are an effective tool for any institution to discuss topics and much more.

How To Choose A Good Smartboard?

Smartboards must be chosen according to the specifications they come with. Right from processor, screen size, display, additional features, accessories it come with are should be noted before buying the smartboards. First of all, you must be clear about the necessities of your institution. Then you must look for a smartboard that can fit all needs. Also keep in mind regarding the price of smartboard. If you are looking for bulk purchase you can get offers from your vendor. The specifications must be noted carefully. There are different size options, display preference and processor capacities. Also make sure to check for the required software present in the smartboard. It is better to have inbuilt software and applications when you purchase them.

These are some of the uses and features of a smartboard which can be noted for future purchase of it. You can get more information about the smartboard and its applications from here

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