Google adds “work from home” filter in Search

Google adds “work from home” filter in Search

Finding openings for remote positions through conventional job portals can be a pain — jobs are usually filtered by location first, so you end up having to conduct a lot of different searches. To help alleviate this problem, Google Search, which also lists job openings (formerly called ‘Google for Jobs’), has added tools to help both remote employers and employees find each other.

For employees, a “work from home” filter in Search has been added, that bases the search solely on job title and description, and not by location. Not all jobs can be done remotely, so for employers and recruiters, a new markup has been announced, through which they can add any location restrictions a role may or may not have.

To populate job listings in Search, Google has partnered with ZipRecruiter, Working Nomads, and We Work Remotely. If employers, staffing agencies, or other job boards want access to these listings, they can do so with Cloud Talent Solution.

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