How can TVU Networks’ Cutting-Edge Technology Improve ANI’s Video Intake and Clipping

The leading multimedia news agency in South Asia, ANI, has seamlessly incorporated the cutting-edge TVU MediaMind and TVU Search platforms from TVU Networks, a pioneering media technology firm. This tactical partnership improves ANI’s video production processes and ensures quick and engaging news delivery by bringing a variety of cutting-edge technologies to the organization.

TVU Networks’ systems make it easier to find information and give ANI’s news teams more freedom to concentrate on crafting compelling stories by using AI-powered analysis of video metadata, audio, text, and faces. The astounding increase of 630% in the number of video hours consumed by TVU MediaMind and TVU Search in 2022 over 2021 highlights the rising importance of cloud technologies in content development.

With the use of this connection, ANI will have immediate access to the most recent news updates through live ingest feeds, clipping tools, and the TVU Search engine. Customers may obtain rapid and convenient news updates on their recently created multimedia web portal thanks to clipped video footage being immediately uploaded to ANI’s AWS S3 Bucket.

The all-in-one platform from TVU significantly improves ANI’s operational efficiency by swapping out labor-intensive manual procedures with a centralized method of handling video material. By automating it ingest processes, this relationship enables ANI to improve its multimedia products and increase audience engagement.

The partnership between ANI and TVU Networks has transformed the video ingest and clipping processes, providing ANI’s prestigious customers with high-quality news. The combination of TVU MediaMind and TVU Search has substantially boosted ANI’s news output, allowing the timely and interesting delivery of news.

“TVU provided us with a fast and efficient solution to address our editorial team’s immediate needs,” said ANI Live Services Editor Mr. Ishan Prakash in reference to the company’s offering. We are able to provide ANI subscribers in South Asia a top-notch multimedia product because to their ingest and clipping solution’s unrivaled speed, dependability, and quality. Partners like TVU are essential to our technology improvements as ANI develops its news agency service. The technology used by TVU continually reflects the changes in how people receive news.

In a statement, TVU Networks CEO Paul Shen said, “We are genuinely thrilled to engage with ANI on their transformational path in news creation. We are proud of the recognition and importance ANI has put on our technology. The fact that ANI has chosen to use TVU MediaMind and TVU Search validates our dedication to creating cloud-native and hybrid solutions for remote production. We are delighted to collaborate with ANI, a major media organization that shares our forward-looking approach for news production.

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