How to Protect Your Phone from Hackers

With the emergence of recent technologies, hacking techniques are also growing more. If you notice an unusual drop in your phone performance even if it is not old, it is one of the common signs that your phone might be hacked. You can also find that multiple apps start crashing randomly or are not able to load, it is a sign that there is a harmful code or software present in your phone. Also, you may notice some changes in your email account having emails marked by reading and getting alerts of suspicious login attempts into your account.

Your phone can get hacked easily when you use an unsecured public Wi-Fi network, downloaded any malicious apps from untrusted sites, clicked on any malicious links, etc. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the effective ways to protect your phone from being hacked.

Keep Your Phone with a Strong Password:

As your smartphone devices become more and more technologically advanced, their security also improves. Nowadays, all smartphone devices can be protected by using a password that you create and use in order to unlock your screen. Now with the introduction of fingerprint and facial recognition, it is always better to secure your phone in order to keep you protected against unwanted hackers. Try to create a strong pin or password for your phone, to protect your phone.

Enables Two-Factor Authentication:

Important online services like online banking, emails, and more applications use two-factor authentication in order to protect you against an unauthorized login attempt made to your accounts. If you want to access your account, a verification text has been sent to your phone number registered with the account to confirm your identity. It is essential to enable two-factor authentication for your account in order to improve its security.

Use Secure Platforms and Apps:

Sensitive information on your phone like passwords, documents, or any other private content can be kept safe for enhanced security. Secure apps like a password manager, phone encryption apps, and other trusted apps help in keeping your phone more secured. If you want to send an encrypted message to anyone, you can start using a privenote service from Pirvnota. By using this messaging service app, you can be able to send an encrypted message that can be read only once by the recipient due to its self-destruction feature.

Keep Your Phone Softwares Up to Date:

Older phone software versions are having bigger risks of getting hacked easily. Old software dint gets the security patch updates. So, it is important to update your phone software regularly to receive the latest security features and fixes. Also, make sure to update your phone apps regularly in order to keep your app safe and secure.


From the above, you can get detailed knowledge about the effective ways to protect your phone from any online hackers. Make sure to follow the steps to enhance the security of your device.

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