Some Facts About Website Speed And How To Increase It

Some Facts About Website Speed And How To Increase It

Internet has evolved so much to an extent where people have become more accustomed to the sophistications it has given today. People have become faster and like to move things faster. Communications and travel have become faster. This speed has affected our people’s basic quality, Patience. No one is ready to be patient. Everything should happen today and within seconds. People want things to happen at the speed of their thoughts. This has affected the web hosting also. Here are some facts about website speed that tell us about the people’s behaviour with website loading.

The number of views a page gets is determined by the speed with which they load and display. According to the speed of loading, the user might stay in the page for further browsing. So, residing in a webpage and browsing in them depends on the loading time and speed.  Let us look at some of the facts regarding consumer behaviour:

Visitors of a website don’t like to spend more time in it if it takes more than 2 seconds to load. They skip the site and prefer a better loading site.

With regards to shopping consumers, they tend to lose interest in the site if it takes too much time for loading.

The same consumers will tell bad about those websites which makes a poor name among the users.

A small delay in loading adds up to millions of losses in sales if calculated annually.

Another drawback you get from lower loading speeds of your website is that google’s algorithm that ranks a page will give a lower rank if your page is loading slower. This affects your sales so much. People use SEO techniques to put their website at first page. For this to happen successfully you must have faster loading webpages.

How To Increase Loading Speed Of Websites?

The only answer for this question is: “find a better hosting provider or a good hosting service”. A change in the hosting plan or signing up a new hosting service such as vps or offshore vps can solve this problem immediately. Your web page is loading slowly due to lack of proper resources such as disk space, memory, processing capacity in your host server. Therefore, if you shift to a better hosting service or a hosting provider who can promise a reliable service then your web site loading speed will automatically increase multiple folds and your business too.

These are some of the facts of webpage speed and its impact on business. By finding a good hosting service you can develop your business seamlessly and rise up in the market with a popular brand.

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