Special Events and Celebrations in Dunwoody Church Communities

Dunwoody United Methodist Church is holding a holiday arts and crafts festival this Saturday. The event is free to attend and features nearly 100 artists and vendors.

Dunwoody UMC’s One Lamb mental health initiative is bringing William Moyers to the sanctuary to discuss his book “Broken”. The event will take place from 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Sunday Morning Worship

Sunday morning worship in the church community is traditionally a hymnal service. Some churches use a piano in addition to an organ for anthems.

DUMC is involved in several hands-on mission programs throughout the year including providing meals for Trinity Table and backpack buddies (children’s weekend food packs). These programs are open to members as well as non-members.

Sunday Night Worship

Church in Dunwoody GA  that offer Sunday evening services believe they can provide more opportunities for worship, singing and Bible teaching than one service on Sunday morning can. It also allows pastors to preach more often, which is needed in churches that are growing.

But Sunday evening church attendance is declining and many pastors have found it difficult to prepare sermons for two services each week.

Children’s Sunday School

Children’s Sunday School is a program that provides kids with an age-appropriate religious education. It is an important part of the Christian religion.

Kids can connect with God through kid-friendly worship experiences and develop lifelong skills for growing a lasting Christian faith. Whether you have age-graded classrooms, one room of mixed ages, or large group/small group, DIG IN Children’s Church can work with your ministry model.

Confirmation Class

Confirmation officially came into practice in the RCA only in 1991, though some congregations have been doing it for much longer. It is a public confirmation of the covenant of baptism, and the laying on of hands.

Confirmation is a time to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit (wisdom, understanding, right judgment, courage, knowledge, and piety). These graces are sealed in us at our Baptism, but they need to be strengthened through continued nurture.

Youth Group

Youth groups are a great way to get teenagers involved in activities they enjoy. They can also provide them with valuable life skills and help them make moral decisions.

In addition to focusing on having fun, youth groups need to be welcoming and friendly. This will encourage new members to attend. It will also ensure that the group is seen as legitimate and credible by others.

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible school is a great way to bring people into the church. It can even help them grow in their faith.

Kids who attend VBS will learn about God in a fun, engaging way. It can also help them meet new friends.

This outreach ministry is free to attend and doesn’t require church membership. However, it does cost time, energy, money and resources to execute.

Fellowship Brunch

This brunch is held monthly to connect people and foster a sense of community. It also provides an opportunity for TROY students to thank the donors who provide them with scholarships.

Participating houses of worship serve foods that reflect their traditions. For example, Charleston’s First Baptist Church offers pound cake and lemonade. Those who attend the brunch can take a self-guided tour of downtown’s religious buildings.

Christmas Eve Service

Many churches hold Christmas Eve candlelight services. These are generally shorter than regular worship services. Most people have family dinners and events planned for after the service.

Incorporate traditional carols and classic hymns into the music for your Christmas Eve service. These are the songs that most guests will recognize and connect with. It also helps them feel at home in your church community.

Easter Service

Easter (Pascha) is the Christian holiday that commemorates Jesus’ resurrection from death. It comes the Sunday after Good Friday and follows a period of mourning called Lent.

Christians celebrate the Resurrection by displaying eggs and flowers and singing joyful music. Services may feature a sunrise service or be held in the evening, often with a candlelight vigil at midnight. These services are referred to as the Easter Vigil.

Mother’s Day Service

A special day to esteem mothers and highlight the importance of women in the church. Consider also celebrating other women who play motherly roles in children’s lives such as godmothers, foster moms and single people who care for others.

Design a pretty photo backdrop and offer families the chance to take pictures together at your Mother’s Day service. This will make them feel special and connected.

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