What Are The Things To Consider In Choosing A Portable Hair Washbasin

What Are The Things To Consider In Choosing A Portable Hair Washbasin

For a hairdresser, choosing the right portable washbasin is of utmost importance. Your work will become a lot easier when you have the right washbasin. Besides, a good sink will last you for ages without the need for replacement. You will need it every day in your line of work, so it is a worthy investment opportunity. Given below are the things to consider in choosing a portable hair washbasin. Read on to know the factors you need to consider before selecting a product.

The Dimensions Of The Washbasin

The lightness and manageability of the portable salon chair and sink is an important criterion to consider. Most salons have restrained space, and in fact, many hairdressers work at home. So, a heavy washbasin that is difficult to move around would not be welcomed by any hairdresser. It has to be light enough to get easily maneuvered when needed.

The Flexibility Of The Product

The flexibility of a portable sink refers to the ability to set the slope and height of the product as per the client’s requirement. It also involved the ease of moving the sink or keeping it fixed at a place while you are working on your customer’s hair. Flexibility is a crucial asset to have in the portable salon sinks.

The Ease Of Maintaining The Basin

As a busy hairdresser who has a lot on his plate, you don’t have too much time to spend on maintaining your portable washbasin. Of course, you will be cleaning the basin as needed, but that should be it. Simple and cheap maintenance is a significant criterion to consider when you are looking for the sink.

The Material Used For The Washbasin

Washbasins are available in different materials. You can opt for high-grade plastic sinks or white or black ceramic bowls, based on your budget. Though the ceramic sinks are of better quality in terms of durability, you can even opt for plastic bowls. Just make sure that you choose superior-grade plastic to get the same level of durability.

The Affordability Factor

Finally, you will have to consider the affordability factor. The ceramic bowls will cost you more than the plastic ones. Make sure to go for a reliable brand when choosing a portable salon chair and sink. However, you need to consider the other factors in buying a washbasin and not only the cost.

So, the next time you go ahead to buy a portable sink, make sure to keep the factors mentioned above in mind. It will help you in choosing the right product, as per your budget and the features required. Start looking at your options now.

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