What Are The Different Types Of Car Headlights You Need To Know About

What Are The Different Types Of Car Headlights You Need To Know About

Headlights are the strong lights that get fitted in front of cars. You can simply define it as that beam of light that lets you see clearly in the darkness. It might feel complicated to understand headlights, but you need to try to know more about them. This information will help you when you find that you need to replace a lamp that has blown out. It will also help in knowing more about the type of headlights your car needs when you go and get them replaced by a mechanic.

The Position Of The Car Headlights

The headlights, in most cases, have a sidelight, a dipped beam, and mostly the indicator is orange in color. Based on the year of production and model of the car, you might also have DRLs (daytime running light). The daytime running lights are mainly designed to light up every time you turn the engine on. Some cars also have cornering lights. You can guess by the name that these are the kind of lights that light up when you turn corners in your car. Regardless of whether you are a car enthusiast or a car owner, it is important to get to know about these things.

The Types Of Car Headlights

Halogen Or Filament Bulbs

There was a time when filament bulbs were the only option as the main bulb in the headlights. The bulbs work in the same way as the typical household lamps, where a really thin metal filament gets heated up using electrical currents. In most cases, the bulbs have halogen gas that lets the bulbs become brighter and hotter. According to bright source led headlight review, some bulbs also have xenon gas to emit a kind of bright white light.

Xenon Or HID

The high-intensity discharge or xenon bulbs do not have any filament. They work on the basis of the gas discharge principle. Light comes out from this arc of electricity that goes across two electrodes kept in a glass tube having xenon gas. The xenon bulbs need the car to start the lights and control the output. They are brighter and costlier than halogen lights.


According to the bright source led headlight review, LEDs have gained popularity because of their durability and low energy consumption. These are used as dipped beams on the latest luxury vehicles. These are also used as indicators and sidelights in different models. You can upgrade to LEDs if your car has filament lamps.

It is important to choose a headlight that gives you enough brightness to navigate through dark roads. The headlights should also be affordable enough to be within your budget.

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