What are the Different Types of Moving Services

From residential to international moves, there is a wide range of services that make relocating easier. Moving companies help you to move around anywhere in the country or outside. But you must know the different options available so that you can choose the right type of company for you. So, here is a quick guide on the different types of moving companies available so that you can select the company best suited for the type of relocation needed.

Residential Moving Services

As the name suggests, residential movers handle household goods within short distances. They can take care of packing, unpacking, assembling and disassembling furniture, laying down carpets, etc. Hiring professionals for assistance to do these tasks can be highly advantageous during the transition process regardless of the size of the home you are relocating. Movers company London professionals like Giantremovals can provide all kinds of residential moving even for long distances.

Local Moving Services

Local moving services provide assistance with relocating items within the same state/city. This includes packing belongings in secure boxes, providing secure storage facilities for those items not being transported just yet, and taking care of inventory lists. Best keep in mind though most companies will likely charge extra depending on the size/weight of items. Most of the time, these companies are small and have only very limited services. But you can have reasonable prices and complete the relocation in no time.

International Moving Services

International moving services specialize in coordinating overseas transport of your possessions and belongings. They provide services from organizing custom paperwork to choosing the appropriate form of transportation. They offer a full-service solution for customers looking to relocate internationally without any hassle. You have to be careful when choosing companies to transport you internationally because they can cost you a lot. Try to enquire about more companies and compare the estimates. Don’t fall prey to scams and fraudulent firms.

Specialty Moving Services

Sometimes more delicate items require extra attention when being moved like vehicles, boats, and agricultural equipment. They can also help you to move some highly valuable goods like money, bonds, gold, etc. This means that specific expertise is needed in order to maneuver these correctly unlike a regular moving service. So, it is always worth checking ahead before engaging anyone with specialty moving services. You have to check out their reputation and should not drop down on the budget.


There are a lot of options available when you are trying to relocate from one place to another. You have to understand the different types of services out there and try to determine which suits the requirements best. From residential to specialty movers, each offers its own unique services and has different procedures. Therefore, try to be careful when considering a firm and ensure everything goes smoothly as possible during the transition period.

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