What Are The Essential Facts About Thermoforming And Vacuum Forming Machines

What Are The Essential Facts About Thermoforming And Vacuum Forming Machines

What is the function of Thermoforming and vacuum forming equipment? They drape thermoplastic sheets over molds to make finished shapes. Infrared, natural gas, and electric heaters are used to heat the thermoplastic sheet. Workers spread the thermoplastic material spread over a single-surface and temperature-controlled aluminum mold. As the thermoplastic sheet cools the finished part clips from the sheet. A trim that isn’t used undergoes reprocessing for use at a later time. The basic varieties of thermoforming and vacuum forming equipment are many. Did you know that pressure forming and Vacuum forming equipment have separate roles? What? The former creates positive air pressure amid the surface of the mold and the thermoplastic sheet. The latter creates negative pressure.

Now on to some other equipment.

A Twin-sheet producing equipment – It blends a pair of thermoplastic sheets into a consistent part

A Drape Forming Equipment – Produces Parts That Have A Gradual Bend

Moreover, there are thermoforming and vacuum forming equipment that have simple-sheet bending modus operandi.

How To Select Thermoforming And Vacuum Forming Equipment

For selecting them, the product features, specifications, and approvals are analyzed. Some of the Thermoformer product specifications are:

  1. Forming part
  2. Sheet width
  3. How deep the draw will be
  4. Machine dimensions
  5. Range of Material thickness
  6. Air pressure
  7. Machine height

Some other parameters to consider for selecting thermoforming machines are power consumption, Air consumption, knife length, voltage of the main supply, and clamping force. The usual metric for measuring product output rates? Pieces/ minute or pieces/ hour. Moreover, there’re thermo formers that have horizontal stacking, multi-zone heaters, or robotic part handling. Others have a mechanical or pneumatic roll lift. Many applications require a thermoforming machine of a specific type. This machine:

  1. has a PLC
  2. have quick tool-change capabilities

The Materials That They Use

What about the basic thermoplastic materials that Thermoforming and Vacuum Forming Machines use? They are of two types, namely, thin and thick gauge. How do these materials come? As rolls of a thickness of less-than 1.5 mm and stackable sheets of thickness varying from 1.5 mm to 3 mm.

What is the use of the former materials? The production of rigid and semi-rigid parts for use in applications that includes disposable packaging.  What is the use of Thick-gauge thermoplastic materials? In electrical enclosure applications and consumer products and automotive products.

Thermoforming and Vacuum Forming Machines also have specialized processes. One of them is twin-sheet forming. It produces

  1. double-walled parts
  2. Hollow parts

Vacuum formed products are present everywhere, and they greatly influence the daily impact in lives of people. Vacuum forming as a process is better than other forming processes in several ways. The use of low pressures allows the making of moulds from inexpensive materials and lessens mould fabrication time. Thus, the production of model and low-quantity large and medium parts becomes economical.

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