Why Small Business Needs Digital Marketing or SEO

Digital marketing is the present and the future. A business cannot expect to expand or even grow in today’s world if it does not make use of digital marketing. You need to get competitive. Apart from looking for the best Internet connection, you will also have to hire a good SEO and PPC team. Not to forget the content writers. 

Here’s why your small business needs digital marketing:

Reaches the Right People

If you choose digital marketing to promote your business and reach the audience, then you will reach people where they spend their time and money. You may not think of it as something crucial. But let’s have a look at some stats.

  1. In 2019, an average Internet user is said to have around 7 social media accounts.
  2. 97% of the adults in the States who are under the age of 65 visit social media once a month. 

The purpose of stating these stats is that social media is already a big thing. You can consider ditching traditional advertisement platforms. However, you cannot do without social media. It is a strongly preferred platform for customer care. 

Keeping in mind the fact that an average person spends around 2 hours on social media each day, here’s an opportunity for you to tap. You can figure out your target audience and use any of the available social media platforms to reach your target market. 

Levels the Playing Field

We have all seen how difficult it gets for a pop-up a coffee shop to compete with Starbucks. Or for local stores to keep up with a huge name like Walmart. Small businesses can’t compete with the big names. The result is that the prominent brands end up swiping the smaller ones. 

However, social media has changed this. One can consider digital marketing as the beacon of hope for tiny or emerging businesses. Because digital marketing is the same for every business. Whether it is brick & mortar or an eCommerce business, digital marketing or SEO does not differentiate between the two. 

Digital marketing gives this edge to smaller businesses to have a top-ranking position. Provided the businesses use the right set of keywords. That is where AdWords and the role of SEO comes in.  Small businesses can start advertising via digital marketing with a very small budget as well. 

More Targeted

Digital marketing tends to be more targeted. Because you only show your ads to people who are your target audience. In contrast, the traditional mediums used for advertising like radio and TV, give the message to a mass audience. The con of this is that people who are not interested in your product also get to hear or watch the ads. This can prove to be irritating for them.

Social media marketing via digital marketing eliminates the people who should not be targeted. Digital marketing can dissect huge demographics. It’s like you zoom into the audience that is your main focus and send your message to only that specific group. 

Marketing that is this level of specificity allows you to create very relevant ads. Due to the level of relevance that these ads then have, the target audience can relate to it better. And they are more likely to take action. As opposed to an ad that is targeting the general public. You can target the audience with the following specifications:

  1. Challenge
  2. Education level
  3. Goal 
  4. Buying behavior
  5. Profession

Advanced Analytics

TV or radio ads cannot give you clear analytics as digital marketing does. Because you cannot measure the exact success of a TV or a radio ad. You may resort to conducting focus groups or try to trace the sales data to see how successful a campaign is or was. 

In contrast, you can trace the success of a digital marketing campaign using Goggle Analytics and other tools. You get to know the following about your users and ads’ performance using digital marketing:

  1. Whether the users or your target audience saw the ad. 
  2. If your target audience interacted with the ad that you put.
  3. Whether the target audience liked the ad. 
  4. If the ad prompted another action from your target audiences’ side.
  5. Whether the users shared the ad with their friends and family.

I am a digital marketer myself. And through these years I have observed the digital marketing industry growing. However, one thing I learned was that you cannot compromise on the Internet connection that you use. Cox works best for me as the Cox customer care service is as amazing as their other telecommunication services. 

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