Look Out For These 15 Cities With The Highest Crime Rate When Planning Your Next Trip

Cities With The Highest Crime Rate

Which is the city with highest crime rate? These are the questions that come to our mind when planning our next getaway with friends and family or even when traveling alone. In this article, we will be discussing the cities with most murders over the last three years. There are plenty of factors that may lead to violence. Unemployment, weak laws, and the government, among others, are the primary reasons why such cities fall victim to organized crimes, gang wars, murders, violence, etc.

When it comes to violent crimes, the South American countries top the list of the cities with most crime. Drug trafficking, human trafficking, illegal guns, poverty, organized crimes, corruption, poor economic conditions, abuses by officials, etc. are what causing the murder rates to go up in the past couple of years. Of the 15 cities listed, most of them are South American. We haven’t included war-trodden countries like Iraq and Syria as the list is limited to cities with more than 300,000 population.


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