Find My Kid’s Location with TOS Mobile Tracker

TOS is an advanced mobile phone tracker app that enables parents to keep tabs on the digital activities of their children. The app empowers mom and dads to be virtually present around their children twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. They can make use of the high-tech mobile application to keep track of their kids’ whereabouts. The app offers a wide range of features that also include GPS location finding, geo-fencing and surround monitoring. These features enable parents to keep an eye on every movement of their kids. Read on to know how you can locate your child using the location finder app.

How Mobile Tracker App Works

The mobile tracking app is particularly designed for parents to keep a secret eye on the digital behavior of their children. They can use the app to stay updated about the cyber lives of their kids. In addition to the supervision of digital activities, the app also allows protecting kids from potential threats in the real world. By installing the app on your kid’s Android smartphone, you can be informed of every movement of your child without accessing their phone.

Once you install the app on your kid’s Android phone, you can trace all outdoor tours of your child without accessing the phone. The targeted device can be monitored and controlled via an online portal or control panel of the mobile tracker app. By signing into the web portal, parents can get detail of the phone and can control certain features of the targeted device.  

Find Out Current GPS Location

The app helps to find out the current GPS location of your kid. If you are a working parent, you can keep an eye on your kid’s movements to prevent them from unnecessary traveling. It also helps to safeguard kids from getting kidnapped or lost. There is a simple way to find out the current position of your child. If you have installed their mobile phones with the tracker app, you can log into the online portal of the app anytime to see the real-time location. Open the internet browser on your phone or computer and log into the web portal to get to know the current GPS location of their monitored phone.  

Get Location History

If you want to know which places your kid has traveled, you can check out the location history of his smartphone. By running the online control panel on your phone, you can trace every movement of your child. It lets you know when a journey started and where it ended. It allows closely watching out unsupervised tours of children.    

Mark Geo Boundaries

You can make use of the Android parental control app to mark geo boundaries around your child. This feature helps to prevent your kid from entering forbidden areas. For example, if you do not want your child to go to Location A, you can mark that location on the online control panel. The app will send an alert if your kid enters the prohibited area. The geo-fencing is also helpful to track kids to schools. You can set the location of the school and home to receive alerts about your kids entering school and leaving school for home. 

Identify and Capture Surroundings 

If the GPS location of your kid is not giving a clear hint about your kid’s whereabouts, you can make use of the surround monitoring feature. Through the online control panel of the mobile surveillance app, you can send a command to the targeted phone to turn on the camera. It lets you watch the activities and events happening in the surrounding of your kid’s phone. For example, if the GPS location of your kid’s phone tells you that he is somewhere on the nearby road, you can turn on the camera of his phone to find out the reason for the delay. There might be a traffic jam or an accident that might be causing your kid to not reach home on time. In addition to front and back cameras, you can also control the microphone of the targeted device to listen to the surrounding sounds and voices.

Hope this article would help in learning ways to find out your kid’s location. Click here to know more about the mobile tracker app.      

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