Pixel Experience Using Android Launchers

Pixel Experience Using Android Launchers
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Many people out their want to use a pixel experience without buying a pixel phone. To provide the android user with this remarkable experience, Android has launched some smoothest android launcher. Many android launchers have now featured to provide similar customization options.No matter which android phone you own, using some of the Android launchers, you can now experience pixel UI on any android phone. Let’s have a look at some prominent android launched that will help you enjoy the incredible pixel experience.

Action launcher:

Using the action launcher, you can enjoy the pixel experience in some easy steps. Action launcher was integrated with Pixels features room after the release of pixel launchers. Excited to know how you can experiment with the Pixel look and customization? Then have a look at the following points:

  • The first step is to go to the settings of the Action Launcher.
  • Search for Quick bar and click on it.
  • Enable the option naming action search.
  • Now choose the color to white.
  • Find the App drawer and click on it.
  • Go to the option named advanced.
  • Search and find the search menu like pixel and select it.
  • If you are interested in using news feed, you need to download the plugin of Action Launcher.

Other functions of Action launcher:

It is not all, Action launcher has much more for you. Using Action launcher, you can launch apps in different and unique ways. It also offers you the feature through which can hide apps, provide you with floating widgets, Action bash, and much more intriguing features.

Price of Action Launcher:

You can use action launcher for free, but a $5 will be the price to avail premium features.

Nova launcher:

Nova is the most famous launcher among Android users. But when it comes to pixel experience, it comes second. You need to search a lot to have a pixel experience using Nova launcher. Let’s have a look at how we can make it a little simple using the following steps:

  • Start with searching and going to the setting of Nova launcher.
  • Click on the Home screen option.
  • Search for the Dock layout and set the placement.
  • If interested, you can also make changes in the style of the search bar and default search engine.
  • Search and select the option naming app drawer.
  • Do the setting of the top bar according to pixel phones by changing it into a simple google search widget.
  • Without the Google feed menu, you can not experience Pixel UI completely. Download the nova companion app for it.

Other functions of Nova Launcher:

Nova launcher provides the user with a lot of customization options that make it the most famous android launcher among users. It also provides Sesame shortcuts, gesture control, and much more surprising features that will enhance the user experience.

Price of Nova Launcher

You can use the Nova launcher app on your android phone for free, but in order to avail premium features a $3 will be charged.

Lawnchair launcher:

If you are looking for the perfect Pixel experience then lawnchair launcher is the best option to go with. Without making any change it provides you similar UI to Pixel that includes a search bar menu at the bottom, at the top, it has a date, time, event, widget, and a search bar similar to the pixel. To make it closer to Pixel experience, you can also change the following things:

  • Go to the setting of the lawnchair launcher.
  • In the setting, you will have all the options that you can change in simple clicks.
  • You can change the theme.
  • The glance function can also be edited using a lawnchair launcher.
  • You can make changes in the layout by choosing the dock style.
  • You can choose bing as your default search engine.
  • If you want Google theme menu on your phones, you can get it by downloading the Google feed plugin.

Other functions of lawnchair launcher:

Else then the above features, the most engaging feature of lawnchair launcher is its clearness. It is 90% ready, like other launchers, you don’t need to set before launching.

Price of lawnchair launcher:

Lawnchair launcher is free to use for all users. The most exciting part is that it does not irritates you with ads.

Rootless launcher:

If you want simple Pixel UI and don’t want to go into various setting options, then go for Rootless launcher. Rootless launcher provides you with a simple route to the pixel experience. The setting of the rootless launcher is quite similar to the settings of pixel launcher. The Home setting of the Rootless launcher consists of multiple features including at the glance function, notification dots, support for Google ads, icon shapes, style of an icon, and theme options.

Other features of Rootless launcher:

Like other launcher apps, Rootless launchers do not provide the user with tons of features. Although the launcher is excellent for the use of beginners.

Price of Rootless launcher:

The rootless launcher app provides the user with the closet pixel experience, totally free.

EVIE Launcher:

Evie launcher is a good option, but when it comes to Pixel experience it does not excel as its rivals. It does not provide Google feeds and a search bar. Let us have a look at what it provides:

  • It provides users with Evie feeds, that are similar to Google feeds.
  • It also offers live news from yahoo news.

Other functions of EVIE launcher:

Evie launcher has some exciting functions that make it the smoothest android launcher. It is not perfect for pixel experience but has features like hiding apps, icon packs, gestures, add a search engine, and much more.

Price of EVIE launcher:

The EVIE launcher is totally free to use for android users.

Final words:

The smoothest android launchers are now providing the user with the perfect Pixel experience. With making some easy changes in the settings of the above launcher, you can enjoy the Pixel UI. Then whats are you looking for ? Go and enjoy the perfect Pixel experience without changing your phone.

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