What does a Survival Kit Consist of

A survival kit is a pack or device which is used to provide essential supplies during an emergency time. They are useful for the members of the armed forces or for the civilians who are preparing for natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc. The main purpose of the survival kits is to ensure that the person who uses them has enough life-saving supplies during an emergency time when basic necessities become unavailable.

Types of Supplies in the Survival Kits:

The survival kits are packed generally in a backpack, buckets, or duffle bags depending on the scenario they are intended for. The following are some common supply items that are essential to have in the survival kit bag at emergency times.


Clean drinking water is one of the important essentials in the survival kit. If a natural disaster strikes your community, you might temporarily lose access to get clean water. So, water is necessary for your emergency survival kit.


Next to water, food is the next main thing to have in the survival kit. This includes energy bars, fried dried foods, canned meat, powdered eggs, etc. The foods packaged inside of a survival kit will have a shelf life of 5 years, but freeze-dried foods are long-lasting for 20 years. The foods in the survival kit should not be non-perishable and are easy to prepare.

First Aid Kits:

Your survival kit must have a well-stocked first aid kit in case of any emergency during the crisis. This includes pain medications, antibacterial ointments, bandages, rubbing alcohol, and any prescribed medicines for your family members may need.

Sanitation and Personal Hygiene:

Maintaining sanitary conditions along with your personal hygiene is also important during emergency times. Having those sanitary supplies in your survival kit is helpful to take care of your basic hygiene. Also, it should have personal hygienic supplies like toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorants, wet napkins, etc. Waste bags are also important, which help to prevent the spread of any disease.

Radio and Communication Systems:

Communication supplies are also important in the survival kit at the time of any crisis. This includes battery-powered AM/FM radio. Having a radio will help you to receive local emergency information and weather broadcasts. Also, there should be other basic communication supplies like survival whistle or help flags, which helps you to get in touch with any rescue teams that are nearby.

Cellphones and Chargers:

Cellphones and their chargers are also a vital thing in your survival kit, and it enables you to keep in touch with your family and friends during an emergency. Also, it is important to keep copies of your important personal documents, emergency contacts, and extra cash. A small multifunctional tool is also helpful during emergency times.


From the above, you can get a clear understanding of the survival kits and their essentials. Many specialized survival kits are available in the market nowadays for specific scenarios including earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

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